BMW Just Like Elegant Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

After the launch of the BMW three series last month, I finally had the chance to put it through its paces at a media check drive event in Bandung.The event was unusual in the way it was run, with participants driving at night from Jakarta to Bandung and the next day having the cars to themselves. The rationale was that, at least at night, they could feel the full potential of the bmw e46 dvd player. Perhaps not surprisingly, there was still lots of congestion on the road from Jakarta to Bandung, but given that they were driving the new three series they couldn’t complain. It was utter joy.

Taking a look at the new three series, you can see that it’s a striking change from the earlier model, bmw e46 gps. With its new chassis, the F30, the three series boasts an elegant but sporty look. The long shark nose appears aggressive but stylish.If you look at the three series from the side and back, it’s similarities to its bigger brother, the five series F10, sharing an elegant profile. But the new three series is a wolf in sheep’s clothing; it looks elegant but still has the sporty edge for which the three series is known.

Seating in the back has also changed from the earlier three series. It is now more spacious (thanks to the 50 millimeter increase in the wheelbase), which makes it simpler for adults to sit in the back. The use of curtains on the back also gives it a more private and premium feel, which you would usually find only in the larger five series.The main attraction of the three series is how the automobile drives. It shouldn’t be a surprise given that those at the check drive got to try out the top of the line three series version, the 335i, which has a three-liter six-cylinder inline engine with BMW Twin Power Turbo know-how and Valvetronic variable valve timing, which can crank up 306 hp at five,800rpm to 6,000rpm and a maximum torque of 400Nm from one,200 to five,000 rpm.With these kind of specifications the automobile can leap from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in only five.5 seconds. Battling the traffic jams of Jakarta with the 335i is jerky at first because you have immense power but you cannot use it.

The inside has also changed significantly from the earlier version. The use of better materials, a different style of LCD screen planted in the dashboard and different dials give the new three series a tidy but luxurious look.We drove the 335i Luxury Line, which makes use of wood panels on its dashboard. The sport line makes use of a piano black with a red aluminium stripe to give bmw e46 gps a sportier look, and the designers created a striking difference between the sport line and luxury line. The sport line appeals more to me, but those seeking comfort would be better of with the luxury line.