Basketball to Treat Injuries in Afghanistan

One of many biggest issues in Afghanistan is relatively self-imposed, you see, we have determined it is best to “win the hearts and minds of the people” and consequently, we’ve engaged in just a little nation building, with the first step offering safety there easier said than done with insurgents from Pakistan and Iran, and the ever threatening Taliban amongst many other participants and unexpected jihadists. There are neighborhood betrayals, IEDs, and people changing edges faster than a game of musical chairs.So, what should we do go fly a kite? Well, curiously enough which may work, but I also have another thought here Why not create soccer fields? How so you ask. Well, below is really a fast run-down of what I have at heart, so let me describe and then let’s examine it.Phase I-Have Elders Bless it and Take Partial Credit-Build Soccer Fields in all Cities/Towns/Villages-Make them 10 updated, or two-rows of five-Use “Kite Power” for lights for evening play-Use “water-from-air” engineering to trickle irrigate the fields-Supply nets, target articles, noticing chalk, lawn seed, uniforms, etc. (obtained in-country )Phase II-Supply iPad kind supplements to keep score, operate the tournaments, agenda, and APPs for practice.-Use Tech to show methods, plays, coaches.-Athletes to participate must excel in school to play, Elders choose the what amount they must reach.-Teach kids exploration, metallurgy, production, road building, development, etc.-Filming of games, players, submitted to YouTube Afghan style.One day a week – kite tournaments, where the most effective pamphlets come to compete.Do not give the people hope, present them hope, give them a reason to live their life experience and to enjoy life. That is real change.Now then, recently I published this proposal to a debate team to message, which involves future policy makers in the usa, along with future military commanders. I was asked what the possible dangers would be to this type of strategy. Yes, there will be some risks, but those risks could become benefits too.Risks:1.) Taliban condemns soccer play as infidel exercise, works to weaken it – could also result in a significant back-lash of group against Taliban2.) Elders could see it as undermining their authority.Are you beginning to see why this strategy needs to get done, and what wonderful progress may be made in the title of “winning hearts and minds” in Afghanistan? Certainly, I question that you please consider all this and think about it, and please feel absolve to e-mail me, if you have any suggestions.

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