Balanced Candy

Valentine Day can qualify as a national holiday. Love is in the air and a lot more than $1 billion in chocolate can fly off the shelves. You can offer your ‘love’ healthy Chocolate without guilt.Healthy Chocolate! Yes! Healthier Candy. Few people know that chocolate contains nearly twice the disease-fighting antioxidant price of red wine, 3 times that of green tea extract or that Chocolate increases the flow of blood and relaxes pressure. NO question we feel so good when we eat chocolate.Now there’s an even healthier Chocolate. Xocai (obvious sho-sigh) a health supplement skillfully sold in dark Belgian chocolate…. this is natural whole chocolate with NO preservatives or indigestible fats or unpronounceable additives… unmitigated, un-compromised joy of the REAL material, refined without the coffee or other undesirable bonuses. The cocoa powder in the Xocai products is along with the latest very scored antioxidant — the acai berry and blueberries. They’re sweetened with acave nector not processed sugar.This HEALTHY anti-oxident chocolate blocks (ONLY 70 calories) and a 3,120 ORAC is really a perfect present for chocolate lovers–including those with diabetes–because there’s NO processed sugar. [ to enjoy consuming [Healthy] Chocolate.oEat at room temperature. Don’t refrigerateoSavor the flavor–take small bitesoSavor the flavor–inhale the fragrance with each small biteoSavor the flavor–place the bite on the tongue, push it against the roof of the mouth, it’ll start to meltoSavor the flavor–allow the bite to completely dissolve and then swallowoSavor the flavor–chew and crunch–enjoy the crunchiness. This healthy chocolate leaves no waxy style behindoSavor the flavor–enjoy the slightly fruity aftertasteRemember Xocai healthy anti-oxidant Chocolate has only 70 calories and has a status of 3,120 ORAC per nugget.

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