Angelina Jolie – Jewelry Artist

When you thought Angelina Jolie shows the planet most of her abilities – reconsider. Jolie, alongside her husband Brad Pitt have already been working on developing a new distinct jewelry for Asprey, a high-end British company. The two stars were taking care of this line for about a year and it had been launched into stores just with time for the Christmas rush.The complete line is made around a snake tattoo. This diamond has been very popular in the style world as of late and Jolie’s styles are no exception. The idea was made solely by Pitt and Jolie as she believes the snake is a defender of her household – therefore the jewelry line is named “The Protector.” Snakes as emblematic of strength and protection is nothing new. Snakes have already been used as protectors of temples and other sacred sites for thousands of years. The snake is a popular symbol in Buddhism, relating to the history of a snake that defends Buddha during meditation.Many of the parts in Jolie’s new line features a snake covered into a knot. You will find earrings, pendants and rings presenting the snake in this condition. This alone is remarkable as well. A knot is definitely proven to characterize responsibility, longevity and permanence. Used in combination with a snake, the individual shows a commitment to protecting whatever is important to them. It’s a robust symbol certain to catch on quickly. Jolie is not any stranger to icons and Buddhism. She has been a very long time advocate of designs like knots and snakes – look at her tattoos.”The Protector” line of jewelry functions rings, rings, earrings, necklaces and even an infant spoon all with the snake design. All the parts are created with either gold or silver and feature white diamonds and other colorful gems like emeralds and onyx. That will be a luxury line of jewelry so most likely it will be out of the purchase price range for most regular persons. The silver baby spoon has a handle shaped like a serpent and starts at $525. The great thing concerning this jewelry line is that the earnings will visit charity. All of the proceeds from “The Protector” line may benefit Jolie’s Education Partnership for Children of Conflict charity. It may be difficult to get both hands on this jewelry not only because of the price but also because it’ll only be available in Asprey stores in Nyc, London, Beverly Hills, Tokyo and Dubai.Perhaps if the line offers well within these stores, Asprey will contemplate moving the line to other suppliers more widely available to the community. After all, the more available the point is the more money that can be designed for the charity. Jolie will most likely do the modeling with this new line and Jolie has recently been seen wearing a ring to the signature of jolie new movie “The Tourist.” While all eyes in Hollywood and trend capitals around the world are set to grab these new parts, the rest of us can only hope that something similar will undoubtedly be offered in the coming months!

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