Amateur golf tournaments with Go Golfing

Go Golfing has acquired the status as Australia’s biggest and the most professional organizer of amateur golf tournaments and golf tours.The golf market has a tremendous potential with most people now raving to try their hand at competitions to showcase their talents. Go Golfing offers tremendous growth with attractive offers for a range of events, products and services.

Internationally acclaimed golf tourism destinations like South Africa, the Canadian Rockies, Egypt, Dubai, Vietnam, Las Vegas, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain & Portugal, New Zealand and many other exquisite golf locations are offered and escorted by Go Golfing.

Imagine playing for the richest and the most prestigious international amateur golf tournaments like Mitsubishi Motors World Masters and Wrest Point International Masters hosted by none other than Go Golfing specializing in ‘Masters’ events for over 35’s.

Keen travelers and golfers themselves, our team at Go Golfing have vast knowledge acquired due to their own hands on experience and escorting golf tours. A well planned itinerary with amazing inclusion sets and a large store of information sets Go Golfing a class apart from other travel agents.

Focus on international golf holidays, cruising and “hot” leisure destinations are some of the features of Go Golfing, a full travel service agency. Now book your domestic golfing holidays in Australia or escorted golf tours as do 10,000 amateur golfers annually. You can even take a short break with Go Golfing and get a remarkable experience with the game and service.

A chance to win prizes and show the world your talent is a unique opportunity for any amateur golfer and to get recognition too. With Go Golfing it’s now possible to get escorts annual golf tours to internationally renowned countries. For more information about Go Golfing please visit www.gogolfing.net.au.

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