Alternative Energy Sources Have Advantages And Disadvantages

The world is currently experiencing a severe energy crisis. Whether it is true or false, there’s definitely an increase in energy rates, not only gasoline at the pumps, but electricity for the homes. With the depletion of the nonrenewable sources of energy all over the world, alternative sources are being looked into. Alternative energy can help everyone but it’s not perfect as they have both advantages and disadvantages.

Renewable power has the advantage that it won’t run out, since it continues to replenish itself, therefore making it sustainable. It usually does not create any waste nor does it have a serious effect on our environment. The regional areas of some countries are showing economic benefits by using sustainable energy as a different source of energy. These energy projects are often located away from the cities, which has helped local services to be increased, together with tourism. Nevertheless, it is much more difficult to generate huge amounts of energy using alternative sources than traditional fossil fuels. Energy supply can also be dependent on the weather as well which can be an issue.

As long as the sun is shining, power from the sun is an excellent source of energy, because it is free and efficient. There are limitations to solar power so it can be tough for it to replace regular electricity resources. In places that have lots of rain or tend to be very dark during the winter months are not ideal settings for generating solar power. Water dams used to produce electricity have been around for a long time but are extremely expensive to maintain. Yet another option is the use of tidal patterns in the ocean but that only works in particular places. Locations that use tidal energy for power have seen some negative environmental results.

Efforts to replace fuel have been wide ranging including the use of agricultural crops, fermented animal waste products and other natural products to make alcohol. Even though it is very good they replace gasoline, they’re not good for the environment as they still create greenhouse gases. One other source of power that’s extremely friendly to the environment is wind energy. It doesn’t generate any toxic gases, but to have a sufficient number of wind generators, a huge area of land is needed. It is crucial to have constant wind for the wind farms to be effective.

You can expect to find disadvantages to any alternative energy sources. When you take into account the undesirable effects caused by traditional fossil fuels, its downsides seem to be rather minor. In terms of the long range health of our planet, it should be plenty worth any trouble it might take to make use of alternative sources of energy. With technology developing fairly quickly, we should be able to find a source of energy that is both cost effective and environmentally safe.

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