All England Club Host 2012 Olympic Tennis

Clare Wood, 44 years outdated and former British No. 1, was appointed to the role of Tennis Competition director four years ago for the 2012 London Olympics. Employed by the London Organizing Committee for the Games, LOCOG, Wood has stated that it is an honour, “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” before beginning the enormous job of trying to ensure as excellent a situation as possible for both the visitors and the competitors. A number of the distinctions between The Championships and the Olympic Tennis Event are that the Olympics are played in just over one week where The Championships are played in thirteen days. Wimbledon’s singles pull totals 128 whereas the Olympics have only half that at 64. Wimbledon’s matches are the best of five where the Olympic matches, except for the men’s singles final, will be the best of three sets. Wimbledon requires the players to wear “predominantly white” clothing, where the players of the Olympics are encouraged to wear clothing “in the colours’of their property nation.”

“We are wanting to offer the best Olympic tennis function ever,” said Wood, “but we’re not there to be better or worse than The Championships. Wimbledon may be the most iconic location you may want. And to get a silver medal on Centre Court, the world’s most famous tennis court, along with getting an Olympic champ only contributes to the status of being out there. It may not be more special.” The grass surfaces will undoubtedly be refurbished with pre-germinated grass seed after the Wimbledon Championships are enjoyed to repair worn parts. Eddie Seaward is the All England’s Club mind groundsman guarantees that all will undoubtedly be perfect for the Olympic Tennis at Wimbledon.

The Olympic Tennis at Wimbledon will undoubtedly be held from 28 July through 5 August, 2012. Also coming up, the US Open Tennis Championships, which is being kept in Corona, Ny, from Aug. 27, 2012 through Sept. 9, 2012.

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