After The Divorce – My First Experience With Net Dating

I grew up with a normal youth, or at least as normal as one could assume for a son or daughter of divorce living in Southern California. I’ve no claims, I do not view a shrink and never have, and I’m not anyone to blame all my life’s problems on my upbringing. Frankly, I have always thought that is a load of crap.I knew I wasn’t a planned child for my parents. These were 18 and 19 during the time, and I’m no fool, whilst I got older and learned more about their connection before and after me, I assured myself that I’d never end up in that condition. I’d never get yourself a girl pregnant beyond wedlock. I’d never get married because I got a lady pregnant. I’d make sure I was fully developed and on the best track before I even thought of having kids.I am not very good at keeping promises, especially to myself.So after my ex-wife and I split for good, and I lost my job a day or two later (a whole other disaster… no, I do not want to discuss it, one of my close friends offered me a place to remain in Phoenix, Arizona. He explained, “You should come out here. Come remain at my place. Start over and get your lifetime back on track.”So I did.The first month or two were awful. I drank heavily, only worked a temporary jobs when I was sober enough to turn up, and was fundamentally a miserable bastard to everybody, including my friend’s lady (don’t think I am a total jerk. I did apologize… Gradually). But after an of time, a drunken walk across Phoenix that scared the hell out of my friends, and few long talks with my close friend and now trusted expert, I decided it absolutely was time to go on. It absolutely was time for you to get out there. It absolutely was time and energy to use that appeal that worked so well with the women about 4 years (!) before. My trusted specialist recommended that I get on the net, always check out this relationship site he had been on before he met his girlfriend (who right now still thought I was a bastard), and meet some girls.So I did.I managed to hunt down a few digital images he’d folks from a few years back and got down to work creating my account. I found that I’d been better at speaking in written form, and I sex cracks, so I really liked this part. I spoke just a little about myself. My buddy and trusted advisor suggested I omit the portion about however being legally married (apparently that’s a bit of a, but I did there to spice things up and throw in certain laughter here. Under faith I put, “I believe in God and I believe he has a feeling of humor… look at the platypus.” Under favorite quote I put, “If in the beginning you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you.” Good stuff, right? Of course.So after a few alterations, a search for few more pictures, and treatment of a few lines that has been label me as sour, I released my report and waited.And waited…Then 1 day, I got a message from somebody. I was stoked! This is good! My unsuspecting character convinced that out of all men she could have sent a message too, she picked me, and nothing bad could possibly occur using this. So I took a quick look at a great smile, and her profile: blonde, “about average” body type shown, short hair (I do not mind that). Excellent, right?So I sent her a message and we decided to meet at a restaurant. My trustworthy specialist told me where to meet somebody was a restaurant: they are not too loud like a team, they are a natural place to meet at, and they usually provide alcohol, which would go a way towards calming my nerves. I acquired a haircut, showered, shaved, and placed on a nice top with a pair of pants. This was likely to be great.I attained the restaurant about two minutes early. Really, it had been about 15 minutes early, but I sat in the parking lot for a while so I would not look anxious. So much for loyalty. I found a table, took a chair facing the leading door, and waited for my date to arrive.Then I found her… well, the part that I recognized anyways: the hair and the smile. Then I looked down. Oh, good lord. She was about 5 foot four and quickly 200 pounds. What the hell happened to “about average?” Where is this regarded “about average?” Nebraska?! I was flabbergasted!Not one who is extremely good at confrontation, and definitely not someone who enjoys hurting people’s feelings, I introduced myself and lay down with her. If we wanted drinks.Absolutely.So we spoke for a bit the waiter came by and asked. Today I am not a totally shallow person. Not totally. But like every other person on this earth, whether they can acknowledge it or not, I believe that there has to be physical interest as a foundation for a connection. A few drinks later, physical attraction however wasn’t even beginning to enter the picture, but the waitress was looking rather sweet and I might have sworn she winked at me a few times (okay, perhaps I made that up in my own head). Plus I was a little pissed off: by calling herself “about average”, this girl shamelessly lied if you ask me. That or she was out of her mind and really believed it. Probably she did not own a mirror.In any event, I ended the day fairly early, producing an excuse about having been up early or having to wake up early the next morning. She seemed quite enthusiastic about me. Well dressed, well mannered, and not prepared to put out – she probably thought I was gay.At enough time, I certainly hoped so.So property was removed by me. I decided that I was not likely to let this experience stop me from trying some more. I learned two valuable lessons: “about average” includes a different meaning for everybody and I would always… CONSTANTLY be sure to get a full-body photograph.

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