7 Crucial Questions to Ask Throughout Your TEFL Meeting

What can I ask the language schools during my interview?It could be very difficult to journey 6,000 miles to your next (or perhaps first) training position at a school half way round the world.So what you don’t want to do is find yourself at a school that does not fit you, hoping you were back home.The best way to prevent a problem scenario would be to totally vet your likely schools, just as they’ll vet you. The best way to get this done is both before, and during the interview that you have with them.Background ChecksFirst see what you may discover on the internet. Is the school an an operation of a sizable brand (e.g. Disney, English First?) or is it a little separate school?Visit the school’s website (they need to genuinely have one especially in today and age!) How well-built is it? How informative? Can it be set up specifically with areas for educators. Or is it only to try and promote classes to students?Lastly, see if there’s any data that you can discover on the forums – although I’d be careful and take most forums with an of salt, as there are an of unreliable rants on them.Essential QuestionsRight, when you’ve determined that the university seems to be reputable, it’s time to get your questions prepared for the interview.The format of that most interviews take is that the interviewer will ask you most of the questions first, quizzing you about your past experience and identity, before allowing you the opportunity to ask any questions that you might have.A good interviewer might have already covered several of these questions, but if not, ber sure to ask so that you can be assured of arriving at a good school!1. What sort of students do you have?This is one that you’ll likely know already, but if you don’t, lead out with this one. Unless you do not mind which age groups you’ll be training! Nevertheless, it is helpful to know this and what type – company students, 1-to-1 lessons, school undergraduates, kindergarten, the more you know the higher prepared you’ll be.2. What is the average class size?Again, some schools attempt to ramp up the class dimension to 60 in China, but others have an insurance policy of having very small, personal class sizes of 2-3 students. Make certain it’s a size that you are feeling comfortable with.3. Will I be based at one spot, or have to go around?A very important question! Some ESL schools are recognized to ‘farm out’ teachers to other primary and middle schools, without lessons occurring on the actual premises. It’s a sneaky thing to do, and takes a lot of extra commuting from the teachers.Not all are this bad though, and some schools could have a deal with one or two government run schools that teachers are necessary to visit for one or two lessons per week, with the volume of the teaching being independently premises.4. What else is in the job description, aside from teaching?Schools vary widely on this, with some schools requiring plenty of extra government work, and some allowing you to prepare in the home. Extra-curricular activities may also are categorized as this category, for instance with student events like Christmas.5 and Halloween. Is there a certain syllabus to follow?Most schools do have a curriculum to follow, but it’s always good to understand if it’s likely to be one that you have used before, or if it’ll be a bespoke one.If the college does not have a curriculum, then you’ll need to be aware that it’ll require a great deal more considering your part!6. What kinds of resources can be found for teachers?An obvious one, but it is an indication of how well the school treats educators. When you are going to a school that delivers bookshelves of source books and interactive whiteboards, wifi access, photocopiers, pictures, computers in any office, then it is probable they value their training staff.7. What is the teacher turnover like?If turnover is high, or educators leave without re-signing contracts, or even leave prior to the end of their contract, then something bad is certainly going on. There are often 1 or 2 teachers that leave early, it appears, but for it to regularly occur means that something is typically not really right with the school.SummaryRemember to ask these questions, and you’ll be well on the way to selecting a good school that will undoubtedly be fun to work for.Enjoy!

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