Workplace Health and Wellness

For majority of the population, the office is their second home. The workplace feels like home because people literally spend one third of their lifetimes in it, and what’s more important is the health situation at work should be taken seriously. Almost everyone, less of course you’re the child of a billionaire, has to work. And what’s better than having a place to work in which one doesn’t feel risky or life threatening at all. Smoking, drinking, drugs, sexual health, mental health and worklife balance are all workplace health issues that companies should address.  Food is one of the biggest and most important things in life. Since food is so much a part of everyone’s lives, not just employees, it’s crucial that everyone is more educated about it and one extremely effective way to educate concentrated groups together is through the company people work for. Workplace health studies have proven that a lot of the breakdowns the body experiences later on in life can be averted only if we learn to eat right. While there are a lot more specific issues that go into each one of these health issues, having a basic knowledge and overview of these is a great place to start. Companies shouldn’t risk employee health and lives, but instead make sure each and every risk and hazard is completely managed and controlled. Everyone, even the government wins, when effective workplace health programs are put in place at work. The Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) is the world’s largest and most exciting workplace health and wellness program with independently proven results. The GCC improves staff health and wellness, promotes teamwork, reduces absenteeism and creates a culture of resilience across entire organizations. In 2012, over 180,000 participants will benefit from the scientifically proven effectiveness of the GCC. Know more about GCC at http://www.gettheworldmoving.com

The Global Corporate Challenge

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