To buy and review products is a superior practice

When we buy and review products we don’t just help our fellow customers; we also promote our understanding of the product. It is an achievement to our own self on expressing our feelings for any commodity in words.

How it helps customers

Suppose you need to buy an apple 4. The company will never mention any weak points of its product, knowing very well any such mention will only reduce their sales. But then who do you turn for a review? It is your fellow customers who’ve already used the product. They will almost always give an honest opinion of the product.

If any company has not provided a proper service after the product developed some glitches, Buy And Review process will also manifest that.

It is not only about the product which will be known to other customers. It will also be the attitude of the company to their customers that will be revealed.

How it helps companies

Buy and review process is also helpful to the companies who feel that serving that customers is their primary aim.

They can obtain reviews directly from their customers about the products they make.

It is easy then to determine what the exact flaws are and how their sales might be affected by them.

If there are no flaws, if could be what other additional features the customers expect from the company.

The Buy And Review system is great for honest companies, and can bash down companies which look to deceive their customers.

What are reviewed?

There is no bound on what can be reviewed. Anything ranging from vibrating tong rings, cook top electric oven can be reviewed.

The prices of the product are also the ones to come under scrutiny. For example, if product discounts are available at a certain store, customers putting up the reviews will mention that store in their reviews.

Other factors that are reviewed can be product reliability, durability, customer satisfaction, etc. If the product does not serve the purpose for which it was made, it is of no use. Not only concrete qualities, but also abstract qualities of the product are reviewed. Looks of the product is an example of it.

Review process

There is no hard and fast rule needed to be followed to review any product.

Users just write their experience with the product. If a user had bought a sunglass for protection from the sun, and it does that fairly well, the customer will be satisfied. While if the same sunglass was bought by another customer to make a fashion statement; it might or might not satisfy him/her. So what is good for one customer may not be good for another customer.

So everyone following the buy and review process must do a lot of research themselves and not just base their decisions on the reviews. They should follow what the manufacturer suggests them to do, the manufacturer’s quality statement and compare them with the customer reviews. Then one must use their own logic and judgement to make an informed decision, which will the best use of the buy and review process.