The Use of Clonazepam for Panic Disorder Treatment

Panic disorder can be very dangerous. Someone who is suffered from this disorder will suddenly change their behavior and they will feel anxious. This kind of disorder is commonly caused by the unbalance of chemical in the brain and this unbalance condition triggers anxiety. There is a specific drug which can be use to overcome panic disorder. The name of the drug is known as Clonazepam and it is a group of benzodiazepines. Before using this kind of drug it will be better to know about the description of the drug itself for safety treatment. This drug can be give to the person who is suffered from panic disorder along with straight control and prescription. In this case they have to go to the doctor and they are not allowed to miss the consultation session. Moreover, there are several symptoms after consuming this drug and it means the users need to consult to their personal doctor. Those symptoms are including sudden behavior changing, anxiety, and even a feeling to suicide. Medical report is important for the doctor because they need to know the condition of their patient. The patients of panic disorder are not allowed to consume Clonazepam if they have a problem with liver, breathing problem, depression, and addiction to drug or alcohol. This is concerning to the fact that this drug is not allowed to drink along with alcohol because it increases the effect of alcohol.

Furthermore, pregnant mother is also not allowed to consume this drug because it gives bad impact to the unborn baby. Even, it is not only dangerous for the unborn baby but also the mother. If pregnant mother must consume this drug it means she has to consume it under the medical advice and prescription. One of the impacts if pregnant mother consume this drug without medical advice is that there is a big possibility that her baby will be suffered from breathing problem. A mother who is still in her breastfeeding period is also need to stop to consume this drug. This is because Clonazepam will pass through breast milk and of course it triggers negative impacts to the baby. The users also need to read the direction or the dosage in detail. They are not allowed to increase or decrease the dosage without any advice from the doctor. The way to consume this drug is very easy in which the users just need to swallow the tablet along with a glass of water. This drug is for short time treatment and the users are not allowed to consume it more than 9 weeks. Moreover, it has to be consumed in dry hand and clean. Feeling fine is not the sign that the users have to stop the treatment. Seeing and consulting the latest condition to the doctor is the best way to do because they know the real condition. There are several side effects including hallucination, no fear of dangerous, confuse, headache, and weight changes. Because it is a straight drug the users need to know about the exact dosage. Actually, this drug needs to be consumed not more than 1.5 mg/day and it is divided into 3 dosages. The maximum dosage for adult is 20 mg and the dosage can be increased 0.5 mg to 1 mg every 3 days. On the other hand, the dosage for children is different. They have to consume Clonazepam only for about 0.1 mg and 0.03 mg per day. This dosage is for 10 years old children and the maximum dosage is the same with the adult. This drug is very sensitive against different drugs such as propantheline, antibiotic, antifungal, antidepressant, and MAO inhibitor. All medicines which are consumed need to be consulted to the doctor even if it is herbal drug. Just keep this drug in the dry area around 590 F up to 860 F.

Specifically, FDA stated that Clonazepam is considered as drug in category D so it has to be treated, distributed, and consumed carefully based on the instruction. Even, it is not allowed to the users to double the dosage although they are missed the treatment schedule. Overdose can be happened and it is a must for the users to call poison help line for further action. This is concerning to the fact that overdose can be fatal and it triggers confusion, muscle weakness, extreme drowsiness, and fainting. It can be dangerous if the users use it randomly without any consideration from the doctor. Even, they can be committed to do suicide if no one knows when they consume the drug. The most important that panic disorder can be solved step by step as long as the sufferer does the right way including consulting their problem to the doctor. Keeping the problem and consuming general drug will worsen the condition.

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