The Official HARP Loan Refinancing Program Can Save Your Home

Irvine, California 6/21/2012 – Due to the recent economic crisis that our country has experienced many homeowners have found themselves underwater on their existing home loans. This can be attributed to the overabundance of home mortgages that have forced many homeowners to either abandon their property or struggle every month to try and stay current on payments. Until the recent development of the home affordable mortgage program there wasn’t much hope for these homeowners.

The HARP refinancing program was created by President Obama as a way to help struggling homeowners who have an existing mortgage with Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae to refinance their mortgages. This refinancing program has allowed many homeowners who may have lost their home to foreclosure to refinance their homes and continue living in them. This is a lifeline for many people who are faced with their homes having less value now than at the time they obtained their mortgage.

Homeowners who are interested in the obama housing plan need to have an existing mortgage that was closed on before May 31, 2009. The HARP program is only available to homeowners who have maintained a good payment history and are current on their monthly mortgage payments.

When refinancing under the HARP program, homeowners will not need to have their home appraised. By not requiring an appraisal to qualify, the program allows homeowners the ability to free themselves from an underwater mortgage. This will help individuals remain in their homes while providing them with monthly payments that they can afford.

There are several different requirements that homeowners must meet before they are allowed to refinance. To determine if you are eligible to participate in the Obama mortgage program, visit www.officialHARPloans.com and complete the provided questionnaire. The dream of owning your own home may still be salvageable as long as you meet the criteria.

About HARP Alliance:

Official HARP Loans is located in California with the primary objective of helping homeowners keep their homes in these uncertain financial times. Armed with the information homeowners need to navigate these uncertain times, Official HARP loans strives to provide homeowners with the knowledge needed to refinance their home under the HARP refinancing program.

Official HARP Loans is staffed with financial experts who have the skill needed to help homeowners refinance their underwater mortgages. They pride themselves on helping families keep their homes and not having to undergo foreclosure.