The healing properties of green juice

Green juice (青汁) has been widely marketed as a healing agent and an ideal way to maintain good health. On this note, it has gained so much popularity that it is considered the newest craze in town. One major topic of concern has especially been the healing properties of the juice and its ability to restore good health to the body. This is precisely due to the nutrient components of vegetable making up this juice such as kale and barley grass. This article explores the healing component of green juice (青汁) and how often one should take it; in order to maintain good health.
The healing component of green juice (青汁)
Health research claims that human beings succumb to about 250 known diseases while herbivores in the world succumb to only about 10 known diseases. Why the big difference? The only reasonable explanation that scientists have been able to come up with is the feeding habits. While human beings eat highly processed artificial foods, wild herbivores feed on pure natural food from the earth.
The major component that has been distinguished as having the healing properties in the wild herbivores’ food and that is also contained in green juice (青汁) is chlorophyll. Greens are usually known to have high amounts of chlorophyll and that is why ingredients such as kale, spinach and barley grass are very deal for making green juice (青汁). Approximately 70% of fresh green juice (青汁) is made of chlorophyll.
Chlorophyll, a product whose popularity in the health industry has soared, has a similar structure to hemin found in hemoglobin. It promotes oxygen circulation in the body rejuvenating cells and tissues and promoting energy production. It also neutralized acidity in the body speeding up recovery from diseases. In so doing, it promotes good health and prompt healing of the body. For optimum function, the vegetable juice should be taken when fresh as it is when the nutrients are most viable.
How often should you take green juice (青汁)?
The question of how often one should take green juice (青汁) is a matter of choice but it goes a long way if you make vegetable juice a part of life. Some health experts have coined the phrase ‘青汁 a day keeps the doctor away’. Starting your day with a glass of green juice (青汁) will give you the energy you need. As long as you ensure that you include the healthiest of organic vegetables in the likes of kale and barley grass, you should be good to go. Occasionally, you can try a 青汁 fast.