The different types of book printing services

Book printing at the very best is a costly venture that takes up a sizeable part of the budget of launching a book. This poses some challenges to beginners and especially those who have not tested the market yet and are unsure what the market response will be. In this light, printing companies and presses have started offering several types of book printing services. This is aimed at helping each and every person who wants to print a book to find an affordable enough service for the budget they are working with. The most common type of book printing services includes;
Offset book printing
This is the most common type of book printing. The book is printed using ink and not toner. First, the whole book is divided into page groups that are called signatures. It is these signatures that are printed and then joined together to make the book. In most cases, this type of printing is done for paperback books and it is a very specialized form of printing. It is also the most costly of the book printing services but it produces the highest quality of printed books.
Short run book printing
This is also called digital printing. It is the type of service where the author prints a small number of the books in high quality at a high price in order to use them for marketing. Usually an author will print between 20 and 500 books. This printing service uses toner and not ink and it costs more than offset book printing. However, the actual cost depends on many things such as the size of the book, number of copies needed, paper type and number of pages. Generally, the quality will depend on the type of printer used so it is imperative to find a press with a good printer.
Print on demand book printing
This is the most convenient type of book printing service for beginners or people operating on a low budget and who have no idea how well their book will do in the market. For this type of printing, you do not do an inventory of books. Instead, book files are saved in a suitable format and the book is printed when there is an order from a client. Due to the fact that very few units are printed at any one time, it ends up being more costly per unit than other types of printing.
Color book printing
This is the type of book printing company where the book needs to be in color. It can be done as an offset book printing service, digital printing service or even print on demand service. The only difference will be the printer which needs to be able to print all the required colors. When it comes to color printing, offset printing produces the highest quality due to the use of in. The colors come out as deeper and richer that when a toner is used. What is more, color offset book printing is far much cheaper than digital color printing.