Big news from Hollywood, Steve Lee Jones’ Bee Holder Productions banner, coming off its multi-award winning YOU DON’T KNOW JACK feature starring Al Pacino, who picked up every award there is, including a Golden globe is moving forward on several truth based stories including a new Adam Mazer scripted tome, CONTINGENCY. It’s a story set in Baltimore, about two attorneys that took advantage of the newly legalized ability to advertize in the 80’s an exciting and funny ride through the wild west atmosphere that has made America the most sue happy nation in the world!

Bee Holder just announced its alliance with INFERNO to take on its adaptation of the Harlan coben best seller, HOLD TIGHT. Two more fiction projects are in the works with those busy bee’sSTEREOVISION which is being written by Mark Kratter (a fresh new voice whose re-write of COLUSA, a $14M feature starts lensing this summer), STEREOVISION is a fast paced, sexy stylish heist story in the vein of the OCEANS franchise but younger, hipper and right on time and SODOM, a horror film, being helmed by Jennifer Lynch and written by Scott F. Butler, this one will excite cine-philes the world over. It’s the imagined making of the notorious film 120 DAYS OF SALO, set in modern times. Creepy outrageous fun.

Big news coming soon on the DELOREAN feature front from these guys who hold the exclusive rights. Stay tuned..