Thanks to AIMediaComms, Crisis Communications Software Benefits Even More Organisations

AIMediaComms understands the importance of mitigating risk and misunderstandings in communications – and it offers advanced solutions for companies wanting to take control of their communications processes through all unforeseen events.

UNITED KINGDOM, 2012 – AIMediaComms has acquired a solid reputation as a media relations management and communications specialist in the UK and the rest of Europe. Among its many offerings, the company has developed crisis communication software that is designed to ensure thorough communication between external and internal stakeholders, the media, regulatory officers, and upper and lower management. AIMediaComms’ software solutions enable modern enterprises and organisations to gain the upper hand in any situation – and improve their communications processes at the same time.

For various enterprises and organisations in both the private and public sector, building – and maintaining a positive public image doesn’t take overnight. One’s reputation can suddenly plummet just because of certain unforeseen events or circumstances that were not handled properly by a media or public relations department. In times of crises, it is best for an organisation to put up a unified front, and remain consistent with its positive message for the press, the general public, and stakeholders.

But managing both internal and external communications processes can be tricky, and involves a lot of time and effort. Mistakes can be made that would be even more detrimental to an organisation – but this is precisely where the advantage of crisis communications software comes in.

AIMediaComms is one media and public relations management company that has brought forth innovative software solutions since 1995. The company is comprised of a talented team of professionals who have helped countless organisations achieve high public opinion and a solid reputation, among which is included the Metropolitan Police in London.

AIMediaComms has developed crisis communications software called Vuelio that ensure communications teams complete access to briefing papers, strategy documents, and lines to take on various issues affecting an organisation. The beauty of this software comes from the fact that there is increased visibility on what should be communicated to the media, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies and legislators. Aside from this, Vuelio enables organisations to enhance their internal communications, so there is consistency across the board.

AIMediaComms’ clients are immensely satisfied. Inspector Richard Read, of the Victoria Police Media Unit, proclaims: “The AIMediaComms system has dramatically improved how we manage our relationships with the media and other stakeholders. We now know what is said, when, and to whom; this enables us to react quickly and efficiently to evolving events.”

AIMediaComms is an established provider of crisis communications software and other solutions for media relations management. If you’d like to know more about its offerings, visit www.aimediacomms.com