Sustainable Energy Systems Explores Renewable Resources And Innovative Developments to Power and Sustain the World

Malaysia – June 03, 2012 – Pain at the gas pump, rising heating and cooling costs, and threats of embargo have been the impetus for many to examine sustainable energy sources with renewed vigor. Nazrul Nizam, founder and editor of SustainableEnergySystemz.com, is one of those individuals and he launched the website to provide news and information about green sources of energy to serve world needs now and in the future.

“We’d like to ensure that our grandchildren, their children and all future generations have access to the same level of resources that we enjoy today,” said Nizam.

The site explores technology, power management systems and sustainable energy sources from around the world. Nizam offers information on new products and developments within the energy industry, from fuel-efficient vehicles and rainwater harvesting to the efforts of various organizations that are making an impact on the world as a whole.

Wind and solar energy leap to the forefront of most people’s minds when they think about sustainable energy, but the topic includes much moreand Sustainable Energy Systems reflects that. Readers will find information about renewable wood sources for the construction industry, water conservation, fiber for weaving and manufacturing, and resources from the sea to prevent erosion and create eco-systems.

Endeavors are underway around the world as more individuals in private and public sectors seek ways to combat the earth’s loss of valuable resources. Sustainable Energy Sources explores new techniques and strategies being tried in locales around the globe, and how they can be adapted for ecologies spanning an array of climates and environmental uses.

Nizam features information on geothermal energy sources and ways in which the scientific community is utilizing sustainable energy for medical uses.Mobile charging units that harness people power are being explored in depth, and the site provides information on the newest mobile chargers that generate power from every day activities.

A plethora of ideas and methods for saving energy and going green exist and Nizam welcomes comments and suggestions from readers. The site’s founder encourages thoughtful and insightful discussion on a wide variety of energy saving strategies and sustainable energy.

Visitors to the site can register to receive updates and information via the site’s RSS feed.Fans can follow Nizam on Twitter, Facebook,Twitter and YouTube, respectively, by visiting http://twitter.com/#!/sustainablenrgz, http://www.facebook.com/alternative.energy.news.SES, and http://www.youtube.com/sustainablenrgz.

Sustainable Energy Systems is a one-stop resource for those interested in sustainable and renewable energy sources. The site provides readers with news and information from around the world about new and innovative methods being devised from air, land and water to support the ever-growing energy needs of a burgeoning population.

Nizam can be reached by email with the convenient for on the website. For more information, visit the website at http://sustainableenergysystemz.com

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