Sunless tanning gives one the beautiful color without lying in the sun

29th June 2012 – In our society a white pasty skin is not regarded kindly. We have been conditioned into regarding a pale complexion as looking unhealthy while a brown tanned look is fashionable and sought after. This is not so in countries like Japan where a tanned skin is regarded as belonging to people of low status and workers in the fields tend to cover themselves from head to foot as a protection from the sun.

The process of acquiring a suntan requires spending a lot of idle time exposing one’s body to direct solar radiation. Not many people have that much idle time unless on holiday. Use of high protection factor sun screen is almost obligatory as unless one is very careful the sun burns and the skin become red and sore, the exact opposite of what one is trying to achieve. When this red skin peels it looks unsightly and, in extreme cases leaves scars.

All the world over farm workers, fisher men, construction personnel and the like who work exposed to the elements will generally have a great sun tan. But their skin gets tough and leathery much earlier than those who work indoors. The difference is noticeable in that from the age of 40 or so they will start showing wrinkles and looking old before their time.

And then of course there is the risk of sunburn causing skin cancers, which is still a major threat and a real killer. Melanomas are one of the worst forms of cancer with a very poor prognosis.

This is then the ludicrous situation where we smear ourselves with hi solar protection factor (SPF) creams and lotions to protect us prevent us tanning while we desire to actually get tanned so we sit in the sun longer. Sit on the beach long enough and we do get tanned but this usually only lasts a week or two when we get back to normal working life. Then it fades away or peels off .

Sunless tanning products enable self tanning without exposure to the sun. Many products are available which the wise folk at Sun Lab promote on their website. It is from here, under the California Sun that the need was seen over 25 years ago and their constant developments, innovations and new formulations has made Sun Lab products modish all over the world.

The range is vast. Most popular are the sunless tanning and other self tanning products which come as lotions applied by a mitt or as a spray for a further even application. Then here are airbrush tanning sprays for application in professional tanning booths. Current special offers include the training mitt system which includes and exfoliating body scrub before the application of the dark self tanner with a fiber tanning mitt and a micro spray to even it out with a lotion to extend the life of the tan.

These and many more special and effective items are available from Sun Laboratories
Getting a tan requires lying for hours in the sun being bored. Sunless tanning shortens this time with great products from Sun Lab.