Sodas and alcoholic drinks can make you gain weight

Just because all the artists or your favorite models have a very, very slim body doesn’t mean you are also compelled to have one. It takes a lot of effort and money to gain a perfect body but if you are born to have a really big built then you would have a hard time to achieve perfection. Why would you anyway? Does it really matter?

Because of the ever changing and appealing trends in this modern era, it is but inevitable that people are trying their very best to keep up with any fad. Keeping a good body shape is just one of them which literally make people spend more but think less. Sounds awful but that’s a sad truth. But how can we really determine that we have to go on a strict diet or just opt for the light process?

Here are some of the guidelines we can use to measure or determine that we have to/not to diet.

1. You Eat More than You Should – Be more attentive with your food choices. Analyze if they are fatty and gives you more fat than nutrients, if yes, then you have to cut them off. Another is, if you often eat outside your home, think of your daily expenses. Is it worth it? Does it not ruin your budget? Always be mindful of your expenses and your food intake.

2. You Weight More Than You Should – Of course you always have to monitor your weight and if it goes more than it should then that’s the green light to make you go start dieting but the level of it would depend on how much you should lose and never go overboard for it might weaken your body system. Be well aware of the do’s and don’ts in dieting in terms of the food you eat and your workout routine.

3. You Feel Weak When You Shouldn’t – Too much workout can burn the excess calories that your body needs. Calorie is like a fuel that makes your body work so you still have to give your body such nutrients to make you function well.


4. You Drink Too Much Alcohol/Soda – If you are guilty of this then you should not bother to think of any reasons why you can’t stay fit. Sodas and alcoholic drinks can make you gain weight irregardless of how much time you spent working out daily. So better give it a balance if you can’t really get rid of it.


5. You Feel Weak/Strong – Analyze how your body reacts to your current lifestyle along with the workout routine and diet you follow. If weakens your immune system then you better stop and look for a more fitting alternative. On the other hand, if it strengthens you then go ahead and continue the safe habit to make you feel confident and light at all times.

Do yourself a favor; give it the kind of treatment it deserves. Be more wary of what’s safe and not to keep your body healthy, alive and functional. Don’t just workout or go on a diet just for the sake of doing so, be mindful of what your body really needs.