Skills to Improve Grinding Fineness of Ball Mill

Grinding cost is the higher part in the concentrator. How to effectively and reasonable control the grinding fineness is the important factor to directly reduce processing costs and improve  the economic benefit of the processing plant. Grinding fineness is one of many factors affecting the beneficiation index, and the size of the grinding fineness directly affects the level of concentrate grade and recovery of products. Therefore, the technical operation of the milling work is extremely important.
We must first fully understand the influencing factors of grinding fineness. To sum up, the  affecting factors of the grinding fineness: the hardness of the ore, crushing particle size, the amount of the feeding ore, the mill model, the number of balls, the proportion of ball size, ball mill liner wear, ball mill speed. speed grading machine, grading machine spindle lifting height, grader blades wear, the classifier overflow weir level of the opening level of the grading machine, grading machine, the size of the opening, opening high and low on the grading machine, grading machine openings size, the size of return sand at the water mill water supply size.
If you want to understand all these factors in the production operation, we must find the best adjustment factors. The hardness of ore ore: The hardness of different ore is not same. This factor is relative to the same ore which is fixed, and it also can not be adjusted. In the production, under the premise of beneficiation technology requirements, it can be reasonable for ore matching and make the size of the ore uniform as much as possible. In addition, at the feeding place of the mill belt, the belt may spill ore due to prolonged wear and tear. In most cases, the fine ore will be spilled. In this part, the spilled ore must be as much as possible in a timely manner added to the ball mill.
The height lifting of the grading machine spindle is also an important factor to affect the return the amount of sand and grinding fineness. The normal production requirements of the grading machine spindle put in position.

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