SEO Holic and android app for website audit by LetsNurture

We are a bunch of idiots wasting our brain in SEO , social media, and in website designing. We have been working in this field since last 3 years. Now we put our another leg in making of Android Applications.

We have launched our first three applications in Year 2012. The applications are:
1) SEO Holic launched in May 13, 2012.
2) Tweet Analysis launched in May 23, 2012.
3) SEO Tidbits launched in May 26, 2012.

Our First Application is SEO Holic, this is for our some values customer to see our work reports. And Also this Android app is for people who wants to do some easy website audit.

SEO Holic :
a) Ranks : This feature of our application is for all the users. All the users who are interested in knowing their website status can use this tab. On entering the url in the space above you can see a detailed assessment of your site.

Key Features:
-Site Info: Here we perform the initial analysis of your site that will help you to know where you can improve your website in. We provide information about the title, keywords, description of your site. We also keep a count of the H1 tags and, images, jscript and Css of your site.
-Site Status : Site status intimates you about the rank of your website in Alexa and Google. It also shows the number of inbound links that is the number of sites that are connected to you and about your page index on Google.
-Site Influence : We provide an indication of the influence your site has in social media. We provide accurate information about the number of times your site has been mentioned in the top social media resources.

b) Reports : This feature of the application is especially for our customers. Here we provide a separate login for each of our customers. After login we initially provide the list of all your SEO campaigns handled by us.

c) Digital Marketing News : Now get to know what’s in and what’s not with our ‘news’ feature. Get the latest information on digital marketing and mobile world here.

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.seo.seoholic

And download other applications https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=letsnurture

Many more Android Applications on SEO as well as on different subjects are planned so stay tuned with us for more knowledge in this field. If you think we are interested enough on SEO and Social Media, please get in touch with us via info@affordable-seo-services.com. We are part of www.letsnurture.com


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