June 13th, 2012 Tel Aviv, Israel…A hidden gem of a hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel, has come to light. In this most magical of Cities; is it one of those best kept secrets because people who stay there love the atmosphere and ambience so much they just want to keep it to themselves, or is there another reason?

It’s hard to believe that the Rothschild Hotel has simply been overlooked. Yet Tel Aviv, voted the “Third Hottest City in the World” by the Lonely Planet Guide 2011 behind New York and Tangier, has so much to commend it, the standards are so high, that maybe, just maybe, because there are many hotels in tel aviv israel to choose from of such a high standard it is hard to set it apart.

Frequent visitors to the area who have the option to choose from any number of fine hotels in Tel Aviv, Israel, say though, that it is purely a reflection of the elegance of the Rothschild family, after whom the hotel was named, that is why it is so discreet.

Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that the Rothschild Hotel lives up to its namesake. The Rothschilds, a famous banking family, are renowned for their wealth, fine wines, art and business empires: they represent the ultimate in elegance and good taste. They walk among, and entertain, the Kings and Queens of the world and Hollywood Royalty, too

Now, visitors to this exquisite gem “The Hotel of all Hotels in Tel Aviv City, Israel” can be pampered in the style and luxury befitting a guest of the Rothschild dynasty and that’s something they would not be able to receive at any of the other hotels in Tel Aviv City, Israel.

The Rothschild Hotel, situated on the eponymous Rothschild Avenue, was built in the style of an International House in 1934; it quite simply oozes comfort, intimacy and style for business guests and the independent traveller alike, as soon as you step over the threshold.

If Tel Aviv was voted “The Mediterranean Capital of Cool” by the Wallpaper City Guidebook, then visitors to the Rothschild Hotel in turn, are voting it “The Hottest Hotel of all Hotels in Tel Aviv City, Israel”.

The Rothschild Hotel’s discovery is the discerning traveler’s distinct gain.

For further information visit: For further information visit: http://www.the-rothschild.com.