Roller dehydrator used in cement plant

Dryers are offered in both direct and indirect heated models. When a burner is used, making up the gas stream of both air and combustion gases, it is considered direct heat. When the gas

stream is heated through a different mean and no combustion gases enter the dryer, it is an indirect heated model. Indirect heated models are useful when product contamination is a

concern. For drying in cases where contamination is not a concern, using a burner and blower to send hot air directly into the dryer is a quick and efficient way to heat the material.

Henan Hongxing is a leading Chinese company which is specialised in the design and manufacture of Rotary Drum Dryers, Wood Pellet Making Machine. Rotary Drum Dryers can be

used for many industrial drying applications.

Rotary dryer is the material heating drying equipment which is widely used in cement, mining, building material, chemical industry, drying pulverized coal, limestone, grain, sand, clay materials etc. Drum dryer mainly constituted by axially symmetrical, Yang stripper plate, gearing, supporting device and seals and other components. Dry wet materials transported to hopper by

belt conveyor, and then into charging port through charging pipeline. Material join from higher end, heat body material entered by low-end, with material upstream, also have the heat body and

material flow into cylinder together .Material run to the end by gravity with the rotation of the drum. Wet material got heat directly or indirectly in the cylinder body forward movement bucket sand washer:http://www.hxjqchina.com/product-list_29.html
cement making machine:http://www.crusher-machine.com/cement-production.html

process, make the wet material to dry, then send out by belt conveyor or screw conveyor in the material end.

In program design, which fully take into account the bean dregs of moisture content, protein content, the viscous characteristics, and adopted a series of innovative unique technologies and processes to be addressed, to ensure good drying effect.

Second, the main features of pomace dryer

1. drying degree of mechanization, production capacity, continuous operation.

2. simple structured, material through the tube resistance is running smooth, easy to operate.

3. Fault less, to maintain low-cost, low power consumption.

4. the uniformity of the product dried.

5. Marc dryer production line using a special break up the device to ensure that the drying effect of the dryer.

6. new and unique seals, and with a good insulation system, effectively reduce the coal consumption of the drying system

7.Sealing performance of the overall system, and with improved dust removal device, dust spills, good operating environment.

8.Whole drying system electric centralized control, automatically adjusts the hot air temperature, high degree of automation, easy operation

9. can be connected with crushed after drying Section, mixing, granulating, packing up Section to produce the bean dregs finished feed pellets.

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