Reviewing the products you use can help millions

The purpose to Buy And Review is to share your knowledge about a product with other fellow customers. They gain from your experience with the product. The product can be anything as what you use is going to be used by a lot of other people the world over. Even you can gain from people who buy and review products.


When you Buy And Review products, you help other customers in making an informed decision for buying the product in the future.

Other users are also encouraged to post reviews for products they buy once they understand the benefits of reviewing. As a result, a database of reviews for the product is created, and a wide range of products are covered.

How to review the products

Reviewing is not a difficult or uphill task. All you need to be a good reviewer is to have been a fair user of the product.

There are a number of factors one should consider while writing the review. Some of them would be the product discount obtained, value of the product for that price, durability etc.

For example, an induction stove. There would be a lot of features on the stove that be reviewed. Like the time, it takes to heat up, if it can automatically detect pans placed on top of it, if it works perfectly every time it is used, etc.

You should also mention the number of times it has broken down and the service provided by the company. A lot depends on the after sales service provided by the company because equipments may break down and there is no preventing it, but if the company is committed to repairing the product for the customer; they’ll have trust on that company and buy the product.

There may be major faults in the equipment too which cannot be fixed; in that case if the company does not completely replace the product, customers will tend not to buy them.

Basing your decision on the review

It is never wise to base decision of buying a product just on a single review. An apple 4 bought in dead conditions may be one in a million cases. Read a number of reviews and compare the experiences of all customers to frame your decision. Some customers may mishandle the product due to which the product may break down and not mention it. If possible, one should talk with someone in real who is using the product and not just read the review. It is wise to take a review in person.

What products can be reviewed?

Almost any product under the sun can be reviewed by the user. You can also review a hello kitty for girls to vibrating tong rings. You just need to be well informed about the product and have a good understanding of its features. The features can be its use, reliability or anything one deems important.

Buy and review is one of the best things possible in today’s era of the internet for customers.