Online Income Tax Return Filing Is The Way To Do It – Complete Hassle Free

Income tax department has enabled the online tax filing or online return filing or online income tax filing and has immensely helped in creating awareness about the importance of filing of return of income especially among the salaried class. Filing of return of income was an uphill task for salaried class as they had to take off from their respective work in order to visit their tax consultants and even had to stand in long queue for hours in order to file return of income. But the online tax filing system had made this task is easy and only a few clicks away and the same is secured and cheaper too.

At present there are few online websites offering online return filing service through automated software, wherein an individual can fill in their details in the prescribed online income tax filing form after registering on these sites to file their return of income. Even though these sites have become a platform where an individual can come and file return of income but still these online income tax filing sites have failed to take the place of age old tax consultants. This is primarily due to fact that these sites works on fully automated mode where human interaction is next to negligible. Online income tax filing does not necessarily means that everything is automated.

Further, if you are stuck while filing your form, there is lack of support or personalized care. So online income tax filing should not be a fully automated system without human interaction or without personal care to an individual tax filing requirement.

So, just to avoid those silly errors, taxmantra.com has launched Income Tax Return module where details are to be filled by users, but ITR will be filed only after review by the Tax experts. Taxmantra.com has brought ITR filing and other services fully online. Filing the return with Taxmantra.com is so simple and easy that you can file your tax return any time anywhere by just few clicks of a mouse.

You just need to fill few details in our online ITR module and submit OR you can directly mail your details at info@taxmantra.com. Once you try it out, there is no going back to the old ways!

• Form16/ Salary Certificate, if any;
• Details of other income, if any;
• Tax investment made, not incorporated in form 16;
• Details of housing loan (details of interest and principal paid on housing loan, address of the house property for which loan is taken), if any;
• Details of TDS deducted & TDS certificate, if any;
• Scanned copy of PAN Card OR (Details mentioned on card, Full Name,
• Father’s name and date of birth);
• Full address;
• Mobile Number; and
• Bank Account details (Account number, name of bank, and MICR code).
• Few key features of our return filing service:
• 100% Error Free Tax Returns
• Personalized Care by CAs and Tax Experts
• Tax Return for All including Businesses, Salaried and NRI
• Super Easy-Only Few Details Required
• Hassle Free-No Self Punching of Data Required
• Most Reasonable-Starting at Rs.250 Only
• Authorized E-Returns Intermediary by Govt of India
• Full Support Via email, phone, and chat

The sole object of Taxmantra.com is to make your life easy as our tax experts file our return of income. Taxmantra.com offers excellent tax support in addition to filing of return of income and comprehensive tax planning. So online income tax filing with Taxmantra.com is obviously a better experience. Get in touch with us to file online tax returns today and stay hassle free.

Join us in pursuit of simplifying individual taxation! We welcome you to www.Taxmantra.com for easy online income tax return filing / online tax return filing!

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