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HR management software is nowadays being used by many companies to effectively manage their employees. This integration of information technology and management techniques resulted in a more flexible and rigid system that can easily operate the tasks, reduce paperwork and improve the overall efficiency of an office. With the dawn of Software as a Service (SaaS) era, on-demand software is delivered to clients, which are customized to meet their specific needs. Such HR software ensures easy administration and continues to be the backbone of HR operation in a company.

The benefits of good HR management software mainly revolve around automation of routine tasks and processes. Automation reduces the time incurred in paperwork and thus leading to higher productivity and efficiency. Change in personal information, holiday approval, sickness recording, salary crediting, career changes- all such information can be handled effortlessly and with greater accuracy. Specialized software used for such purposes lessens the chance of data duplication and also function as a channel to improve communication between employees and HR.

HR management software can monitor and control various segments of HRM like preparing payrolls, time and attendance sheets, conducting performance appraisals, information system, recruitment program, learning management, training system, maintaining performance record, employee self-service functionalities , scheduling, and absence management. With such range of functionalities and capabilities of software, one must carefully choose the best suited HRM system that will suit the company keeping in mind the scope of project, company size, access of the software, technological platform and the routine and specific tasks intended to be performed by the software.

OctopusHR is a purpose-built web based HR management solution that has won many awards and has been acclaimed by leading companies all over the world. The communication dashboard is excellently put up to connect HR, line managers and employees quickly. It is available 24*7 over the web and can be accessed from any location; from office or even from home. It can even run on a smart phone and is poised to transform the way traditionalists managed the whole thing.

“We are always impressed by the on-going enhancement and upgrading of Octopus, which some ideas stem from client feedback and specific requirements”- says the HPS Group. Since it is an on demand service, all customers are paid enough attention they require. With an excellent customer service team at hand, implementation of quality software solutions, repairs and upgrades are like a breeze, all done by the experts at Octopus.

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Octopus-hr.co.uk offers low cost easy-to-use HR management solutions that readily fit the business requirements. Rapid implementation and superior customer service is the attribute of the company.

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