New Book Reveals How To Create A WordPress Website Fast And Easy

Ming Jong Tey, veteran online entrepreneur has published a kindle book on Amazon for readers on the go who are interested in making their own WordPress website to run a lucrative online business.

Entitled “How to Create a Website with WordPress and Start a Profitable Online Business”, the book promises to be far different from similar ones on the market as Tey reassures that “this is not a get rich quick book or just another mediocre how to create a website book and is in fact one which provides a systematic approach on how to create a website coupled with a proven business model with techniques on how to run your own online business.”

This e-text includes 19 chapters separated into firstly creating a website, and secondly profiting from the creation of such a website. There are actionable tasks for the readers to complete at the end of each chapter. Noteworthy, is the fact that it contains a bonus feature of 30 downloadable mastery WordPress videos and a private mastermind group to help online entrepreneurs along the way.

So what prompted Ming Jong Tey to write and publish such a book related to online marketing, as if they aren’t so many already? Well, he describes his many frustrations having started out in this niche with little knowledge and of the many scams and junk that existed online and offline which he has personally bought into.

“I learned and actually set up a simple WordPress website using the very comprehensive instructions. I was overjoyed, especially me being not very technical with computers. There were graphics to show me exactly how it was done including the initial buying domain and hosting set up. I was terrified at first, not understanding some of the jargons used, but step-by-step pictures explains the process well. I especially love the bonus (30 WordPress Mastery Videos) provided at the end of the book, which allows me to further empower my skill with WordPress”. Says Nikki, a happy customer.

Having now acquired the ability to decipher factual from junk and scam, Tey is devoted to helping others in not making the same mistakes he did and saving them thousands of dollars which he wish he could have saved in learning about affiliate marketing.

Finally he reiterates that for you to effectively benefit from his e-text; you must whole heartedly take part in its step by step tutorials and activities and not cheat yourself from benefiting wholesomely from its guidelines.

Visit http://www.amazon.com/Website-Wordpress-Profitable-Business-ebook/dp/B00828XFN6 to learn more about this book.