Natural and artificial hair implants: which ones are better?

When it comes to hair loss solutions, hair implant (育毛) surgery is one of the leading procedures of correcting baldness. This is perhaps because it provides a more natural and permanent solution to baldness. Even though it is costly, it ends up being much cheaper in the long run and its results are more desirable. When it comes to hair implant (育毛) technology, there are two types of implants that you can settle for and these include natural and artificial implants. This article discusses the two types of implants in detail in a bid to help you discover which implants are better.
Artificial hair implants (育毛)
Artificial implants also called synthetic implants. These types of implants consist of synthetic hair made of crystalline salts and calcium for strength and flexibility. The hair is treated in order to last longer and also to attach longer to the scalp than natural hair. In the end, the synthetic hair ends up looking a lot like human hair. The synthetic hair can also be obtained from more natural sources such as treated sheep wool. The treatment helps the wool resist tear and damage. As for attachment to the scalp, this hair is implanted using metal or plastic ‘pipes’ fixed into the scalp. The end result is a scalp full of hair. However, this hair does not grow due to its artificial nature.
Artificial hair implants (育毛) though physically appealing at the onset are very detrimental to the health of one’s scalp. This artificial hair is subject to normal wear and tear. Since it cannot shed like normal hair over time it starts coming out. In most cases, it leaves the plastic chips that it has been attached to in the scalp. When it is time to replace this hair, one has to undergo a surgery first to remove the metal chips from the scalp and then implant new hair. Over time, the scalp becomes extremely scarred and may also get infected. In most places, synthetic implants have been banned due to their side effects.
Natural hair implants (育毛)
Natural 育毛s are exactly that; natural. They are acquired from the patient’s body in areas where the hair is growing well and has not suffered from baldness. These areas are called donor areas. Hair follicles from these areas are removed and transferred to the bald areas. Here, the hair continues to grow unaffected by causes that caused baldness in that area in the first place. This is because natural hair’s vitality is determined by the region where it has come from. Depending on what type of transplant procedure is followed, natural hair implant (育毛) surgery may or may not leave scars but even when it leaves scars, they are small and inconspicuous.
Natural 育毛s are much safer and better than artificial ones. The transplant surgeries involving them are less invasive and they rarely get rejected by the body as they are not foreign. Also, they offer a more permanent solution and the transplanted hair grows naturally and as long as one has recovered from the surgery, the care of this hair is not as demanding as the care of artificial hair.