Merchant Express: A Complete Range Of Secure And Efficient Merchant Services

June 04, 2012 – Most businesses these days transact with their customers with the use of credit cards. This method of payment allows businesses to keep a better record of transactions and it is also more convenient. Usually, the processing of payment which includes collecting the amount owed to the business by the credit card company is handled through merchant services. These are third party entities that provide the technology and allows the business to create a variety of merchant accounts including retail POS, internet, mobile, and wireless. Merchant services offered by Merchant Express ensure competitive rates and a 24 hour US based customer service. They can provide the latest technology and diversified choices for any small, medium, or large business.

There are different processing methods for credit card payments and it is important for any business to be familiar with these methods in order to choose the most appropriate merchant services solution available. credit card processing at POS needs to be fast, secure and constantly connected. Merchant Express ensures that the POS solutions used by any business ensure faster check-outs, reduced costs, and real-time online reporting. These same principles of efficiency and security are made possible by Merchant Express for online, and over the phone transactions.

Merchant Express has been providing services to merchants around the country since 1998. They are committed to making sure that credit card processing is simple, fast and reliable. They provide a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee which eliminates the risk for any business who may want to give their merchant services a try. There is a continued dedication to making sure that only state-of-the art technology is used and business can stay competitive in the market through cheaper prices compared with other providers. Information on the list of services are available on the company website http://www.merchantexpress.com interested parties can compare rates and prices for different processing methods. There is also tabulation for each specific industry which allows Merchant Express to customize solutions based on the type of industry being serviced. They have a reliable customer service which received excellent ratings from the Better Business Bureau at 888-845-9457. They have experts ready to assist with questions and they can set your business up with a merchant account very easily. More and more people rely on the use of credit and debit cards for all types of transactions and with Merchant Express, your business will be equipped with the latest technology and the most efficient card processing methods available.

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