Lost Loves Rekindle Sparks with New Support Mechanism

Calabasas, California – June 8, 2012 – A new support mechanism has been put in place to help women rekindle sparks with their lost loves. Mermaid House launches its new website that goes beyond providing the usual emotional support.

Seira Sun, the Company’s Spokesperson, conveys to all women whose relationships are going through rough waters that: “they’re not alone… things can get better. And there are definitely ways of improving their chances of getting back the man they love. Many of us have been there before and it’s helpful to have support during emotional times.”

The company, Mermaid House, aims at empowering women. In addition to providing emotional support the company believes in providing women with all the resources that can increase their chances of getting back the man they love. The company is truly serious in pursuing its commitment of service in that they even created a “Win a Man Back Team” to ensure that all resources are made available online. Seira Sun firmly announces the teams’ goal, “We aim to share resources on our website that are available to anyone who has the ability to hop online. With us being so connected with the internet now, people should have more support, not less.”

Empowering women means to provide them with all the necessary support needed to attain their goal. Give them all the emotional support, all the products, all the services and all the other resources they will need to get back together and stay together with the one they love. All these and more, Mermaid House’ claims, are in their new website. In fact, to mark this momentous occasion, Mermaid House is giving away for free over $100 worth of Ebooks and bonus products.

To know more about the support mechanism Mermaid House has prepared for women wanting to ignite the flames of love, visit their website at http://www.winamanback.com.

Seira Sun