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http://ocw.fetp.edu.vn/home.cfm, for Heaven and Earth the darling of this darling behind, but the body of the ants! road, non-Sunchon, but to touch the hearts of the Guards and the line, cents and repair inverse demand, not only longevity, more behind the body of the ants is to get rid of this, so that for the reverse Wang Lin, a drink to make the altar in the forward Yang, jars, dropped to the ground and snapped the look throw touch, Wang Lin, the right hand touched the brow I leaned back in the side of the color of the eyes of the decline is disappearing moonlight slowly up the deep, like the fingers of the sand, slowly flow away early when the sun rises, Wang Lin opened his eyes, this night, he drunk “drunk, cooking drunk waking moment, yesterday, was buried deep in the heart, sealed in a 10’s reach position. Three days when the late, have flashed over three days, Wang Lin did not practice early in the morning he will leave the Mo House, came to the river next to sit down. Waiting for the Hua Chuan passing, that brief sounds reverberate. That sounds sad, flowing in his mind, from the seal of the memory within through into the depths of his heart. Getting sounds, drinking sergeant bought drinks, Wang Lin immersed therein, do not have a perception. Hua Chuan woman, did not know that in three days, there is a serious listen to her music, she was only aware of each Hua Chuan passing here, the sadness within its state of mind will be thicker, this sad along the hand into the strings, gently pop-up.

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