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What is a Patent and how to become a Chartered Patent Agent?

A chartered patent agent (弁理士 求人 弁理士 求人 ) an attorney who has the proper qualifications required for helping their clients to gain patents. The agent also provides different types of advices related to patent law. For a better understanding about the functionality of a chartered patent agent (弁理士 求人 弁理士 求人 ) it is necessary for you to understand the meaning of patent. In simple words, patent is a legal right, which is used to stop others 弁理士 求人 弁理士 求人 using your design or invention. In the general cases, when an invention is made public knowledge, the first step is to obtain the right to protect the invention from being copied. This right is granted by the government and is known as Patent. This right helps the individuals or companies to share their inventions or designs with the world without being in the fear of their work being stolen or copied. Big corporate companies like D Young & Co Trade mark Group have separate legal division filled with patent agents and attorneys.

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IP Firm of the year 2012
D Young & Co Trade Mark Group is a specialized team of elite chartered patent agent (弁理士 求人 弁理士 求人 ) with a superb record in the field of patent or trade mark protection and any advice related to it. They are associated with patent of different types of goods and fields such as the fashion industry, chartered patent agent (弁理士 求人 弁理士 求人 ) , pharmaceuticals, luxury brands, sports, entertainment, drinks, etc. The company has a varied range of clients including global brand leaders, innovative sole traders, etc. The company has been announced as the winner of the UK Patent Prosecution or the IP Firm category in the prestigious IP Global awards of 2012. chartered patent agent (弁理士 求人 弁理士 求人 ) award recognizes the company’s brilliant track records and their innovative IP work for the past year. To receive the award on 15th of March 2012, the patent partners Helen Cawley and Gill Deas along with their assistant Richard Burton were personally present at the 弁理士 求人 弁理士 求人 , London. The company feels extremely proud and delighted to receive such an award. The team members comprising of chartered patent agent (弁理士 求人 弁理士 求人 ) believe that the award proves the hard work of each member in the team and their contribution to achieve this success.


Associate Partnership

After D Young and Co chartered patent agent (弁理士 求人 弁理士 求人 ) Property’s tremendous success in sweeping away the IP Firm award of the current year, the company thrives to achieve more in the consecutive years. With a new found determination, chartered patent agent (弁理士 求人 弁理士 求人 ) company recently appoints two majorly new patent partners to strengthen the team. The names are Connor Mc Conchie and Gareth Scaddan.

The field of specialization of Connor is polymers, drug delivery, small molecules, and inorganic binders. He was assisting Interbrew UK in maintaining the large scale development and in-place cleaning systems. The chartered patent agent (弁理士 求人 弁理士 求人 ) goal of this industry was to control the contamination by various microbiological factors.

Gareth has worked as a scientist for the Civil Service and specializes as Operational Analyst in the field of space chartered patent agent (弁理士 求人 弁理士 求人 ) and military aerospace.

Appointment of new chartered patent agent
Catherine Coombes, Nicola Elliott, and David Keston are the new chartered patent agent (弁理士 求人 弁理士 求人 ) appointed in March 2012. All the patent attorneys have successfully passed the recent exam with flying colors. David used to maintain a respectable patent portfolio with Vodafone prior to joining D Young & Co. 弁理士 求人 弁理士 求人 fields of his expertise include computer networks, consumer electronics and other mechanical subjects. The qualities of the appointed chartered patent agent (弁理士 求人 弁理士 求人 ) are well tested.