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It can be widely used in petroleum industry, chemical industry, construction, packing, refrigeration, military industry, space industry, aviation, transportation, industrial model design and so on.


Our company specialized in producing Walk in Cooler , Walk in Freezer, cold room & freezing room It can design as per your instruction.

We also supply refrigerator high density polyurethane insulation board and kinds of air coolers. The temperature of freezing room is under -20C, it is good for freezing and keeping food for long time.

Product Feature:

  1. The insulated panel, made of polyurethane, covered by stainless steel, colored steel plate or aluminum-plastic composite plate, can decrease the heat transfer effect generated by the temperature difference and help to reach the most efficiency for freezing and cold systems. Since the scientific, simple design and practical installation, the insulation system is a new system with low installation cost.
  2. Colored coating steel laminated foam plastic insulation panels, manufactured by the way of binding outer board (colored coating steel plate, plywood board) and inner polystyrene foam board with high adhesive, reinforced with heating and pressing, making into various lengths of super-light insulating sandwich panel, meet all the demands of customers. Its features are light weight, good appearance, economic and no more decoration, long service life, widely applied for building freezer, insulation workshop, clean workshop, storage, cottages, gymnasium, cinema as well as other light steel structure roof and wall of large-sized public facilities.
  3. The insulated panel for prefab cold room adopts the most advantageous polyurethane, whose insulation performance is super than any other materials at present.

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