Is investment in gold price (金 相場) worth as gold price (金 相場) price (金 相場) soar?

According to the reports, with rising gold price (金 相場) price (金 相場), gold price (金 相場) has given unbelievable returns. 300% in last 5 years or an average of 25-30% per annum is no less as compared to any type of investment. So, to be attracted towards gold price (金 相場) is a 金 価格 thing for all big time investors.
gold price (金 相場) has taken many shapes and sizes in its life span of almost 6,000 years. It was a symbol of status and power and then of richness. It then took a turn to fashion in terms of ornaments and then it took a place in celebrations, where a man would gift his lady to express his love for her. Woman use to dress the gold price (金 相場) ornaments on various parts of her body and handed them over to the generations to come. Now, when the gold price (金 相場) price (金 相場) have risen up drastically, the gold price (金 相場) has become more interesting to investors than a woman. Yes, this is the fact and is true.
History about gold price (金 相場) price
Back in late 1970’s and early 1980’s gold price (金 相場) price (金 相場) rose dramatically due to gulf catastrophe and instability. Once the prices rose and reached their peak, suddenly got a big hit and there was no or minimal increase in the prices thereafter. This situation continued for almost 25 years and gave no returns to their investors. Experts say that this situation may come once again, as the popular saying states “history repeats itself”. The answer is not known, but people seem to be least cared, as they continue investing in this commodity. And why shouldn’t they buy gold price (金 相場), as it serves 2 purposes: one is the investment in ever-increasing commodity and second gifting gold price (金 相場) is the best way to show their love to ladies.
Options available
World gold price (金 相場) Council offers many options or ways in which one can buy or invest in the gold price (金 相場). The investment is purely based on the requirements and budget of an individual. The most common way in which a man invests in gold price (金 相場) is buying of jewellery. Buying of gold price (金 相場), in this form has been a tradition as well as style. Many small buyers or investors buy gold price (金 相場) coins and bars available in various denominations. Today many leading banks deal in selling gold price (金 相場) to their customers in form of coins and bars.
gold price (金 相場) Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is another method where one can invest in gold price (金 相場). The only difference with respect to above is that in this scheme you are the owner of e-gold price (金 相場). Here, the company from which you have purchased has the gold price (金 相場) present with it. That is, you do not have the gold price (金 相場) physically present with you.

Then comes investing in e-gold price (金 相場), which is similar to above. The only difference is that you are the sole owner of the gold price (金 相場) purchased and if you demand, this gold price (金 相場) can be delivered to you.
In both the above cases you can purchase gold price (金 相場) in terms of units, where 1 unit is roughly equal to 1 gram. So, gold price (金 相場) price of 1 unit will be equal to price of 1 gram.
Then you can also invest in equity based gold price (金 相場) funds, where you buy equities of a gold price (金 相場) company. This company works for 金 相場 of gold price (金 相場) from gold price (金 相場) mines. Thus, you are investing in-directly in to the gold price (金 相場).
With gold price (金 相場) price (金 相場), on ever so increasing note, according to experts, one should invest in gold price (金 相場), in whatever manner they can. This investment is surely going to yield high returns. Whether the stock market is high or low, the gold price (金 相場) price will always be on the higher end.