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(June, 2012) – Intellibiz.com has won high esteem and honor by offering an excellent real estate course called the simple man’s guide to real estate. Their truly incredible real estate program will teach you all the 22 strategies on how to invest in plus profit from real estate, step-by-step. They are not professional seminar speakers or infomercial gurus. They are actual real estate investors. More to the point, they do not make any money from offering this program; they earn their livings as investors, and this truly incredible program is offered on a not-for-profit basis. Since the profit motive is removed, they offer a complete program at low cost; no back-end products or services, or costly add-ons to buy. You get it all, up front, at a very modest cost.

Intellibiz.com surely knows all the ins and outs of real estate investing. As they are simply a private group of investors trying to help others learn how to do what they do, they are not a business as most individuals think of a business. They have no costly corporate offices; no expensive employee benefit packages; no horde of operators plus 800 numbers. They are just a group of experienced investors with the most complete program about investing in real estate available, at cost. They are volunteers, each of whom contributes his/her time and personal resources to help others and they have been helping others in this way since 1989, and without any issues, as attested to by A+ rating at the BBB plus most legitimate review websites. Now you must be thinking why do they offer a complete program at cost. Their investor group collectively feels that they have been blessed with great fortune. And it is their collective belief that they should give a little something back in return for all that they receive. So, in 1989 they chose this method of giving back. Been doing it ever since and they are loving it. They believe that they learn as much from their students as their students learn from them. This is also why they provide a complete program; clients do not need as much mentoring when a program is complete plus detailed. If they were to provide a vague program like others, that would create a greater burden upon their volunteer mentors. There has never been a more complete plus thorough course on practical real estate investing for the common man. Intellibiz.com is truly a bonus for all those people who want to know how to invest in real estate.

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This website brought in by IntelliBiz has a complete understanding about real estate investing. If you want to invest in real estate then check out this website right away. I am sure their truly incredible real estate program will work wonders for you. For more details please contact Chuck Hall at:

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