Half Penny Green Golf- One Golf Clubs That Provides Unlimited Fun And Excitement

It will be hard for anyone to imagine ten years back that a family who took an initiative to open a golf course and driving range can become successful in carrying forward the name of Half Penny Green Golf among the best golf clubs present in the UK. At present, the golf club is well equipped with some of the best and technically advanced facilities, which helps dragging large number of professional as well as amateur players towards Half Penny Green Golf.

6th June 2012, Swindon, Dudley- It is true that British people has always shown great interest in the game of golf, and those who are truly passionate for the game took an initiative to develop special golf clubs, so that people can come there for recreation. Half Penny Green Golf club is the best example of a family owned golf course and driving range that is surrounded by the amazing greenery. It is almost ten years now since it came into existence. It sounds interesting to know that the entire property is owned by Harbans Singh Chatha, who converted his 60 acres Kartar Farm into a nine-hole golf course and driving range, with the support of his family. The best part of visiting this golf course is that you will be mesmerised by its natural beauty, which will be helpful in providing mental rest and peace, as nature has the power to refresh your mood. Just imagine who wonderful will be the experience of playing the royal game amidst the natural greenery of South Staffordshire countryside.

Half Penny Green Golf is one of the rarest golf clubs that is run by a family, and has become capable of providing the best possible facilities for the golfers. The clubhouse is located near to the local airport, and one can also relish the taste of the nearby vineyard, which offers some of the best vines being produced in the country. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that Half Penny Green Golf is known for its warm and friendly environment that attracts large number of people towards it, and they take want to take back the unforgettable golfing moments along with them. If, you want to explore your golfing ability, you can use this specially designed golf club that is capable of catering the needs of well trained and amateur players, at the same time. Thus, it can be your family’s best choice among the neighbouring golf clubs, as all of them can try to raise their level in the game while enjoying the relaxing views of Great British countryside.

Half Penny Green Golf is just 15 minutes drive from Dudley, Wolverhampton, Kingswinford, and Bridgenorth, and being easily accessible, it can be visited by the city people for eliminating stress, and enjoying the clean air of the countryside. No wonder, many people like to be its member for having fun mixed exercise, and gain ample experience on golfing. Further detail about the famous golf club is available at http://www.halfpennygreengolf.com

About the company:

Half Penny Green Golf is one of the finest golf clubs in the United Kingdom that is run by a family. It has a rich history, as the entire area of this famous golf course and driving range used to be known as Kartar Farm. The property is still owned by Mr. Chatha and his family, they took a collective decision to open a golf club in their property ten years ago, and they have been putting their hard efforts to equip Half Penny Green Golf with all the modern facilities. The lush green background of the golf course helps the golfers to get rid of the stress and worries, concentrate on the game, and have a fun experience. More information about the golf club is available at http://www.halfpennygreengolf.com


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