Hair implants: A permanent solution to baldness

Baldness is a condition that is very common in the world affecting around 60% of all the men. One of the signs that may be an indicator that you are suffering from this condition is finding hair in your pillow or the shower drain. Even though the condition can be treated, most of the cases are ignored up to the point where the bald spot or the hair line that is receding is very noticeable and this cannot be ignored any longer. However, if you have reached this point, all is not lost as the situation can still be salvaged by using hair implants (育毛) also known as hair transplant surgery.
Hair implant (育毛): what is it?
Hair implant (育毛) is a procedure where hair follicles that are able to resist bald genetically are transferred from one part of the scalp to the area that is bald/bare. A single follicle transplant cost around $3 with a complete transplant involving as many as 1500-4000.bthis brings the total cost of the complete transplant to around 20,000-30,000. The figure thus screams success as anyone seeing it would guess. The success rate of the hair implant (育毛) is at 95%.
Even with this success rate that is very high, it does not mean the effectiveness is easy as a piece of cake. There are some side effects that may come with the hair implants (育毛) even though they are temporary. One of them is referred to as shock loss or as temporary thinning of hair. This occurs mainly due to the trauma experienced on the scalp by the body. The loss is just a transitory stage and t usually passes away. Another side effect is scars and scabs that may appear on the bases where the follicles have been implanted. This is also a temporary thing and it does not last very long. When using the right hygiene the scars are covered by the hair and the scabs will also disappear.

Maintenance of the hair implants (育毛)
To ensure that the 育毛s are successful and effective, there are some maintenance and hygiene practices that you are supposed to embrace after having your implant. These practices will also help in the controlling of the temporary side effects that comes with the 育毛. One of these practices is shampooing your hair. The shampooing should be resumed after about two days after the implant. It should however be very gentle. The main purpose of these is to prevent bacterial infections from affecting the transplanted follicles. It also prevents the scab s from falling and the transplanted follicles from being lost.

Another practice is the cleaning of the small wounds that may have formed after the surgery. To collect the blood and any tissue fluid from the wounds you should dressings that are semi permeable which should be changed regularly as directed by the doctor. To prevent the follicles from falling, another maintenance practice should be to shield them from too much sun and temperatures. The exercise should be also be controlled as too much of it may lead to the hair falling out.