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“She looked very happy by dre beats?” He asked.
“I think so.”
He caught hold of her voice that a hesitant.
“Just your” wanted to ‘method?”
“This kind of matter, common we are not to think, right? I think her full rich, good job and to the life is quite satisfactory, she’s not that kind of love a rap. But of course, life woman the disease–
“Oh, her life is a disease?”
“The first she was worried, I mean she ghd straightener cheap caught a cold fall ill. She said that way, put her plans are tumbled, many dating must be cancelled. But a cold is a cold, a contracted, you can’t get no matter it. So she had to lie down on the bed, drink tea, eat the aspirin. I asked her why she don’t see a doctor, she said it wasn’t necessary, cold nothing to method, can lie on the bed, cover something warm, and that I do not approach her, lest infect on. She better, I cook for her something, hot soup, toast, accidentally and still flavorful pudding. She’s ill, and, of course, a cold, that’s all, but I dare say not better than the average person. The fever after serious, will feel languid, whisper- she also. I remember she sat next to the fire said to me: ‘I hope people don’t have so much time thinking, I don’t like to think too many, or we will be in a bad mood.”
Still, looking at KePing li jun to wife, and she continued to go.
“I borrowed some magazine to her, but she did not seem set to heart and see. I remember she once said: ‘if things wrong, it is better not to know, you said right?’ I said, ‘yes, dear.” and she said,’ I don’t know-I never can’t sure. ‘I said that it doesn’t matter, she said: “I did everything very honest, very open and aboveboard, so I don’t have good reproach yourself.’ I said, ‘of course, dear.” but to be honest, I was really a little doubt mlb dr dre beats 1.1, she does the company account, do not know to have fudged, perhaps she also know a little wind-but don’t think it’s just her.”
“Possible.” Li jun agree way.
“Anyway, she later-I mean almost well, and get back to work, I told her to take a day or two, don’t be so quick to go out. You see, listen to my right! Her to work the next day evening, after a back, I immediately see that she had a high fever, and even the stairs are going to climb. I told her that must see the doctor, she is not willing to, was more and more heavy, eyes are not a spirit all day, face very hot like a fire, or heavy breathing. And a night, she weakly say with me:” father, I want to find father, fast…… quick, or it’s too late. “but she don’t pastor, as long as a Catholic priest. I didn’t know she is Catholic, because she had never wear a cross or something.”
But she really inserted a suitcase under cross, northrop didn’t mention this, still sit down and listen to her said.
“I see little mike in the street, just call him to the holy: dominique churches to find Goldman priest. And phoned doctors and hospitals, is all remember my own account, nothing is said to her.”
“The priest to when you take him upstairs?”
“Yes, and then leave them two people together.”
“They have said???????”
“This, I now quite remember……. I just said to himself, since ghd purple the priest came, she’s going to be fine, want to let her up-for me, and I would like to, the I close the door when she heard about the evil things, yes-and what horse-perhaps is the horse racing. Sometimes I also like the small wager on that, but the somebody else say horse racing has many funny.”
“Evil?” Northrop was surprised.
“Catholic before he died must confess, right? I think, that’s all.”
Li jun is not doubt it, but she used the word is stimulated his imagination. Evil……
He wants to, if that is indeed the secret priest being followed, with a stick of deliberately shot, then this word is really have unusual meaning……