Forecast in Second Half on Machinery Manufacturing

Recently, with the good news of the country, industry, and macroeconomic policy, a surge of warm air has blown into the machinery manufacturing  Impact crushing machine industry. The policy emphasizes that we should uphold the scientific and rational development, and persist in building a steady rhythm and building the proposed projects.
Over time, the growth rate of China’s economic increased a little in this year compared with the past, but its growth rate is still significantly lower than the international average. The lasting vitality of the industry and the economy, the restructuring and internal optimization and upgrading,  the sustained and stable national macroeconomic policies invariably reveals that the industrial development trend and China’s economic and is very optimistic and China’s market has more room for development, strong power and a bright future.
With the implementation of policies of a series of specific industries promotion, the resumption of work the infrastructure projects, and the release of the investment tightened by the austerity policy, in of the second half of 2012, China’s machinery manufacturing industry will usher in a new development space.
In such a background trend, China’s machinery manufacturing industry has ready to complete the concept of internal growth and the transformation of the development mode. In the next few years, some fluctuation may happen with the changes of the environment. There will be no a larger dilemma in the mechanical manufacturing market if we grasp the general direction of the stable development of enterprises and adhere to objectiveness and ration.
The future development trend of China’s machinery manufacturing industry will transform into  value, quality, type and rational type from the extensive type, quantitative type and blindness. To take this opportunity, companies will enter a orbit of scale growth, continuing to adapt to the market within the rhythm and optimizing their own development space. The leading enterprises is bound appear to grow and develop in the competition while the inferior enterprises will be gradually eliminated in the market wave. It will be conducive to develop positively and healthily for the machinery manufacturing industry in the whole.
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