Factory Direct Promos Offer Customizable Reusable Bags As Promotional Items For Businesses

June 13, 2012 – Reusable bags are gaining much attention these days. Cities and establishments across the country are promoting the initiative of doing away with plastic bags and start using recyclable shopping bags. This is in response to the growing problem of land fills and environmental degradation. There is a big difference in the amount of waste generated each year if every individual starts using recyclable bags. Every household should take into consideration the effects of single-use plastic bags to the environment and therefore must begin bringing reusable shopping bags. The effort should also be made by industries and businesses in order to have a wider reach in advocacy. FACTORY DIRECT PROMOS is one of the largest manufacturers of recyclable bags and they are currently offering new products like custom made tote bags that can be imprinted with company logos. Promotional items such as reusable water bottles and drawstring bags are some of the company’s newest offerings.

The company itself uses recycled materials for the products and they are certified to be safe and have passed environmental safety standards. Factory Direct Promos cater to businesses that are looking for a more eco-friendly promotional item that can be given out to customers and employees. They are also supplying for chain stores and even small businesses that would like to make a difference by using Factory Direct recycled bags. Recyclable bags are also a great promotional and marketing tool for any business and customers would often appreciate being given an item that has value and practical use.

Some of the newest items offered by the company cost less than a dollar a piece. The products are not only inexpensive, but they are also durable and of excellent quality. Factory Direct Promos is currently offering discounted prices for wine tote bags. These tote bags are perfect for wine stores and distributors. Factory Direct Promos Non Woven bags can be used in local produce and farmer’s markets as well. The amount of time required for large orders is usually 1-2 weeks and all items are completely customizable based on the client request. Larger orders beginning at 3,000 pieces will be produced overseas and requires a 60-90 day production time. The company has a customer services number 866-222-0949 for inquiries and information not found on the company website www.FactoryDirectPromos.com. With the wide variety of promotional items to choose from, advocating the use of recyclable bags should be an easy business initiative. The company ensures that all products passed strict quality standards and guarantees customer satisfaction.

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