Extract iphone backup easily and safely with Wondershare Data Recovery for iTunes

Shenzhen, China: iPhone is loved by millions of people around the world. Thanks to its advanced functionality and sleek design, this marvellous multimedia device is popular among gadget freaks as well as common users. With features such as high speed browsing, 3D gaming, social networking etc., people are found to be spending more time on their iPhones than on any other device. Almost all their personal data as well as business data is stored on this device for easy and instant communication and data transfer process. As a result it has become extremely crucial to backup one’s iPhone so that no precious data is lost.

Backing up iPhone data regularly is also helpful in situations such as a virus attack or the possibility of the phone itself being stolen. Usually the inbuilt iTunes app backup all the iPhone data whenever the phone is connected to the computer. The process is very simple as the user simply has to launch iTunes after connecting the phone to the computer, select the device, and click on backup and the backup file is created. But there are at times when the iTunes fails to restore this backup file sighting synchronization error etc. and may result in loss of valuable data. And there is nothing one can do with the backup files either. This is exactly where some third party iPhone backup extractor will come to the rescue.These data recovery tools help people extract the iPhone backup file which contains all the data, contacts, SMS, calendar, notes, call history, photos, videos, etc. After extraction, the required files can be easily saved on the computer. The only precaution to be taken here is to make sure not o sync the iPhone with iTunes once the data is lost as it will overwrite the backup file in which data is stored.

One of the most popular iPhone backup extractor Mac systems is the Wondershare Data recovery for iTunes. It allows easy extraction of backup files from iTunes and preview of contacts, SMS, photos, videos, calendar, notes and call history in details. Also, it is compatible with the latest iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and other previous releases as well. “Thanks to Data Recovery for iTunes, I know that everything important–photos, movies, texts, etc. from all my devices will be 100% safe and physically stored as long as I sync.” says Angela, who has found the product extremely useful.

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