External And Internal Causes Of Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is also commonly termed as Candidiasis. Candida is a yeast species, which is responsible for Candidiasis. A natural presence of Candida is common in human bodies. Generally, the growth of yeast is restricted by the body immune system of humans and other beneficial bacteria that occupies the similar locations in the body.
Various causes of yeast infection in human body have been noted:
External causes: Various factors, which externally govern Candidiasis on human bodies, include antibiotics, lubricants and clothing. Majorly, the growth of yeast is facilitated under damp conditions that retain moisture. Wearing tight clothes that do not allow your skin to breathe may cause moisture retention, which may result in the growth of yeast. Candidiasis is common in genital areas of women (vaginal parts). Clothes that allow oxygen accumulation and passing should be worn around the vaginal areas.
Intake of antibiotics is another cause of Candidiasis. Generally, antibiotics are consumed to kill or destroy harmful and disease-causing bacteria. However, antibiotics may also destroy beneficial bacteria, thus, facilitating the growth of yeast. Therefore, too much intake of antibiotics and drugs may be a cause of infection due to excessive growth of yeast. At times, chemicals and cosmetics may bring about allergic reactions and that may accelerate yeast growth. Unsuitable and harmful dyes and detergents kill the beneficial bacteria. The useful bacteria that are a bit odor causing are responsible for the destruction of yeast. Whereas, some use chemicals to get rid of such odors but this might also facilitate the growth of yeast. Use of lubricants that block skin pores may result in growth of yeast.
Another external cause of Candidiasis is sexual transmissions. A person who is already affected with Candidiasis may pass on the Candida yeast to another person though sexual contact. Therefore, if you or your partner assumes to have yeast infection, apply safe and effective measures to resist the spread of Candida. Go for a good yeast infection treatment, prior undergoing any sexual contact. External injuries may be a cause of Candidiasis, as the Candia may enter your body though open cuts.
Internal causes: The internal causes of yeast infection may include hormonal disturbances or weakened immune systems. Externally injected hormones might be a major cause of Candidiasis. External injection of hormones disturbs the natural hormonal balance of the body. Intake of contraceptive pills disturbs the menstrual balance, the pH in menstrual blood is not well tolerated by yeast. Therefore, if the menstrual balance is interrupted, yeast has more chances of growth. People with weak immune systems may not be able to produce the beneficial bacteria that hinder the growth of yeast or apply proper resistance against Candida.
A person subject to Candidiasis should undergo an immediate yeast infection treatment. There are several yeast infection treatments available, among which you have to choose the best yeast infection treatment that would not only cure the infection quickly but also resist further invasion. You can also cure yeast infection though observing simple procedures of natural cure for yeast infection. To know more about yeast infection and its curative measures, visit here at cureayeastinfectionv.com