E Cigs: Growing Popularity is Impetus for Discount Offers

New York, NY, May 22, 2012 – The technology that goes into e cigs has actually been around since the 1970s. It’s only been in recent years though, that newer developments have made them more reliable, and just as important, more affordable.

So now in spite of the best legal efforts by tobacco companies e cigs is the latest buzz topic being generated among cigarette smokers.

So the race is now on among makers and marketers as more styles, accessories, flavors and brands continue to make their debut.

A race for market dominance in what was once a novelty product primarily dominated by a select few brands that has wound up to be the latest Internet product marketing horse-race, a wildcard of sorts, and that of course means more discounts and promotions for buyers.

Marketing gimmicks like the V2 Cigs coupon, and the Green Smoke coupon. Discount coupons that make it even easier for tobacco smokers to make the switch, smokers only spurned on by recent research showing that 30% of those who do end up quitting altogether within two years.

Ryan Stark and spokesman for www.ecigcoupon.org spoke recently at a marketing convention in Hong Kong, and during that presentation he was able to elaborate on the promotional end of this latest smoking trend.

He said that. “We at www.ecigcoupon.org have taken a different approach to this expanding market niche by staying away from direct selling. With so many new products and related accessories now on the market and more yet to arrive, we decided to avoid that arena of competition and instead focus on information and promotional discount services. PR giveaways like the V2 E Cigs coupon and the Green Smoke coupon, along with our own even more generous site promotion giveaways.”

He went on to point out that with so much of the selling of e cigs being done online now it’s buyer beware, even if something appears to be free.

In fact his own research found that a surprising number of promotional discount offers for e cigarettes online turn out to be bait-and-switch or outright rip off deals. They don’t have what they advertise, the deal is over or buyers end up with credit card overcharges.

He also pointed out that with so much conflicting information in the news regarding their legality his site is fast becoming the go-to-source for interested people looking for straight answers. www.ecigcoupon.org is part of the latest trend in web venues that make available information and discount coupons for popular brands of e cigarettes and related accessories.

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