Development Situation of Hydraulic Crushing Hammer

So far, the domestic infrastructure construction market in highly developed and moderately developed countries such as Japan and South Korea and the engineering machinery market in these countries has stagnated or shrank, and the engineering machines like hydraulic hammer mainly rely on expert. However, the whole social industrialization process in our country has not been finished, and a lot of infrastructure construction projects such as railway, highway and water conservancy is or will be under way. The transportation and housing construction in large, medium and small cities is in the ascendant which provides great market opportunities for the engineering machines like hydraulic hammer. Since we do not have the statistical data, we are not able to specifically provide the market sales amount and the demand quantity of the hydraulic hammer.

Since entering in 21st century, Ma’anshan Giant Company and Hunan Jiangshan Company has launched hydraulic hammer with their own trade mark. At present, the manufacturing companies with scope include Giant Company, Jiangshan Company and Changzhi Hydraulic Co., ltd. However, the market shares of domestic products are very small, and the majority of the market is occupied by the products of South Korea, Japan and Germany. Such a good business opportunity must not be missed, and the domestic companies should grasp the market development opportunity, and carefully produce products, independently innovate, expand sales, recapture the domestic market and even experts products to other countries.

The development situation of hydraulic crushing hammer in our country can be concluded as not very late starting but slow development. The development and research work begin in the 1970s. During the “sixth five years plan” period, it has been listed as the important science and technology project and some hydraulic crushing hammer research and manufacturing projects already passed the ministerial appraisal in 1984.impact crusher:http://www.hx-china.com/3.html
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Since the early 1980s, many companies in our country began the research and develop of hydraulic hammer products. The research and development institutions include Changsha Institute of Mining research, University of Science and Technology Beijing and Central south University. The manufacturing companies include Jiaxing Metallurgy Machinery Plant, Xuanhua Excavation Machinery Company, Henan Building Machinery Company, Tonghua Pneumatic Tools Company, Changzhi Hydraulic Tools Company, Shenyang Pneumatic Tools Company, Yueyang Machine Tools Plant, Haerbin Hydraulic Machinery Company, Foshan Textile Machinery Company, Ma’anshan Giant Company and Hunan Jiangshan Company. Many types of hydraulic hammers have passed the technological evaluation.

However, because of the problems of not good for sale and bad product quality, many manufacturing company have stopped the production of the original products. Only Changzhi Hydraulic Co., ltd still persists in manufacturing hydraulic hammer.

The above is about the analysis of the development situation and the development tendency. Under the circumstance, the experts of HXJQ are always cautious and conscientious, and constantly spare no efforts to research and development new products that adapt the present market.

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