Decrease Noise Pollution With The Help Of Fan Silencer

Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. Founded in 1980. We provide noise control solutions to various industries. We have a great range of products to control Noise. The company is ISO9001:2008 registered and grows constantly year by year. We use the latest technology like 2D & 3D AutoCAD technology. Our all business processes and manufacturing processes are undertaken by very experienced persons.

Today the noise pollution is increasing day by day and because of that several injuries occurs in the persons’ health. The workers who work in the noisy industry get most ear lost problems. Today in the market many companies available who controls the different types of noise pollution which occur from machineries. Most of noise pollution takes place because of Fans which used in most every machinery to rotate the components at high speed. We can stop this type of noise with the help of Fan silencer. Today computer increases the technology through which different types of silencers available in the market for every type of fan. There are certain types of fan silencer design available. Like AFS series Absorptive/reactive, Acousti tube absorptive/ Tubular flow and Acousti- Van Absorptive/ Parallel Baffle. With the help of these types of Fan silencers, you can control any type of noise which is coming from the machineries.

We have the latest technology through which we can decrease the a great level of noise. We have all types of Fan silencers and experience employees who can work effectively. We always get pride on ourselves because we provide best quality Noise control solutions at lowest prices compared to other company.

For any type of noise control solution contact us at+44 (0) 1274 872277. You can also mail us at noice@wakefieldacoustics.co.uk. For further inquire and to know about other services go on web http://www.wakefieldacoustics.co.uk.

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