Custom Bass Drum Head Graphic Experts

DrumImage.com custom bass drum head designs provide visually stunning graphics, terrific durability, and great sound integrity. The unique product makes a statement of authority and endurance.

For immediate release, June 12, 2012 DrumImage.com developed a unique patent-pending process for bands to experience good looking, long lasting branding while getting their band’s name onto their bass drum heads and custom flags. DrumImage.com noticed lettering and sticker-type approaches others experimented with were simply not designed to withstand the rigors of steady drum play and exposure to all kinds of weather. DrumImage.com understood great looks couldn’t come at the price of a drum’s sound.

DrumImage.com is part of the SignSource Group, a family of companies dedicated to visual solutions. The company is headquartered in Clark, New Jersey and is in proximity to New York City where the company does a good portion of business. DrumImage.com has implemented graphic strategies for branding bands and businesses, for over several years and creates stunning parade banners, flags, drum decal graphics, pipe and drum band and more. DrumImage is committed to helping others get their brand and band to grow.

DrumImage is the source for custom bass drum heads for musicians, marching bands, drum decals and serves the entire United States. They are experienced designers and have plenty of positive testimonials from clients. They do all the work (drum head designs) themselves and provide customers with easy ordering and shipping processes. Dave Preucil is the owner of DrumImage and is passionate about his work. Dave states: ”Creating the artwork and unique designs for a brand is exciting work”.

The DrumImage website at http://drumimage.com is an excellent introduction for newcomers to discover an electrifying outlet for artistic professional expression. The blog at the website is a regularly updated by Dave himself with tips and tricks for care and consideration of your custom drum designs.

DrumImage.com provides an exciting product that serves marching bands; pipe and drum bands,parade banners, rock bands and any other form of music or musician that beats a drum! Learn more by visiting http://drumimage.com/products/