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“At the moment, I have a boiling passion cheap christian louboutin. I will have to take a look. This room under the I made clear is how bout
Things. I noticed that one of the big long branches to put out to the right. If as long as it can move along the it half the distance
From, the problem can be solved. But the branches to withstand the weight of I can is dubious. I decided to take a
Adventure, and I began to action. I very carefully one inch an inch forward to climb. Branch issued ga ga ring, or so
Swing on, then may not to want to will fall, and finally I safely climb to the position of the ideal.
“This room of medium size, completely skill health requirements of the way of the arrangement.
The middle of the room have ZhangFang table, on which there is a desk lamp, seated at the table, face my is HuiTing meal. He is a
A hospital nurse dressed as the woman talk. She sat back to christian louboutin boots me, so I can’t see her face. Although covering shade is
Pull up, but the window itself was closed, so they talk of a word I cannot hear. Seems to HuiTing’s
Has been speaking, the nurse just to listen. Sometimes she nodded, sometimes shook his head, as if she like to answer questions. Read the
To HuiTing’s tone is very strong-to a two drum the table with his fist. The rain has stopped, at the sky
But ask up. The weather is just like this.
“Soon, his words like fast finished. He stood up, the nurse also stood up. He looked at the window, ask
-I guess what he WenYu is stopped. Anyway, she went all the way across the room look outside. At this time, the moon
Emerged from behind the clouds dew out. I’m afraid of being the woman saw, because I completely in under the moon. I tried to go back
A little. My body suddenly move that old branches to suffer christian louboutin mens shoes . It made a sound, branches were broken, and then I was
Fell off! ”
Tower peng silk with fine in a low voice say: “ah, Julius bayesian, it was so exciting!
Go. ”
“Oh, I’m lucky, I fell on a piece of soft earth-but I at that time the move, it does.
I know the next thing is lying in bed, bed side of the a nurse (but not HuiTing tons of the nurse),
The other side is a wearing glasses, long has black phnom penh beard little man, is a typical doctor. He rubbed his hands,
I looked at him, he raise the eyebrows. He said:
“Oh, look at our young friend has regained consciousness. The good. The good. ‘” I play a little bit of old tricks,
Q: ‘what happened? “And” where am I? ‘but I quite understand what is the answer. My brain is not
Worthless old man out of date. ‘I want to do so now about the same also, nurse,’ the little man said. The nurse used a trained
Good training the gaiety of the steps out of the christian louboutin men room. But in her walking out the door, I caught her look at me that very curious
Look in the eyes.
“That her eyes and I have an idea.” hello, doctor, “I said, trying to sat up in bed, but
Is when I did this, my right foot to make me feel a pain. Mild sprain ‘, ‘the doctor explained. ‘asked
Problem is not serious, the two or three days later you can activity. ‘” at this time, the tower peng wire cut in said: “I notice you walk feet to have
Some lame. ”
Julius bayesian nod, and to continue to go on.