Bring home the latest led bulb lighting fixtures from Design Led Light

May 31, 2012- There are many benefits of using a led bulb in place of incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs are not just about saving energy, but they also produce more luminosity per watt in comparison to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

To bring all these benefits straight to a home, Design LED Light launched a huge collection of LED lighting for living area, bedroom, study, and even for gardens and pathways.

LEDs are smaller compared to incandescent bulbs as well and due to their small size, they can easily fit into different kinds of appliances. On designLEDlight.com one can come across many varieties of LED lights which include shelve and painting lighting, address sign lights, solar lamps, wall light, multifunction lamp, deck light and many more.

The admin says, “We make all possible efforts to get you the best LED lighting fixtures with the best make and quality, so that you can benefit from the energy efficiency of LED lights.”

The price is another beneficial factor of shopping for LEDs in here. Design LED Light brings mega pack of led bulb, which comes with multicolor feature and can be controlled with a remote control.
The lights are now available at a discounted price, making them even more cost-effective for homeowners. Some of the LED lights acts like emergency lights in case of power failure and are integrated with rechargeable Ni-MH battery.

Design LED Light also provide free shipping offer on the purchase of LED lights, making the deal even more lucrative. The RGB bulb is a new kind of bulb, which has made its way into the top products because of its capability of changing colors and it is not very expensive as well.

There is no need of filters to get colors from such a bulb, and these bulbs have a comparatively longer life. Solar post lights are also fitted with such bulbs, which makes a pathway shine at night and illuminates other outdoor spaces as well. The contemporary look and designing of these bulbs sets them apart from the traditional ones, and make them a favorite of many modern homeowners.

“We bring all the latest LED technologies to your home,” adds the admin, “and these technologies ensure complete satisfaction for consumers, who want to save money and get brighter illumination at the same time.”

Deign LED Light also puts forward another latest technology related to light bulbs, which is the solar lantern. These lanterns blends elegant design with classic style and the solar powered bulbs make them a great energy saver. Therefore, energy consumption will not be a problem anymore with the LED lights.

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