Boyfriend Shirt From Claridge And King: Mixing Feminine Lines With Masculine Simplicity

June 05, 2012 – There is always something sophisticated and classic about androgynous pieces of clothing such as a simple white button down shirt. It is versatile and can be worn for day and night occasions depending on the accessories. In fact, aside from a little black dress, every woman should have the basic white button down shirt in her wardrobe. This piece of clothing is guaranteed never to go out of style. Many women often call this the boyfriend shirt and perhaps their partners do not mind the fact that their wives or girlfriends end up wearing their clothing. The perfect boyfriend shirt should not be boxy. It should have subtle mixture of masculinity and femininity. The trick to wearing this garment is in the accessories and wearing belts to cinch the waist can often make this outfit look less like a mans button down shirt.

While it is very tempting to borrow a white shirt from your partner, it is always a better idea to own one. There are retailers that are joining the trend and are making the boyfriend shirt a staple in most clothing racks. white shirts for women can be made out of different fabric, but with Claridge and King, their latest product offering include linen white shirts that are made with the highest quality fabrics imported from Belgium. Linen is a lightweight fabric and is perfect for summer and spring. The style philosophy of Claridge and King focuses in simple silhouetted in muted colors that are often androgynous. Women who prefer simple lines and solid colors would love the selection of shirts, and dresses that this online retailer offers.

There is attention given to detail since only the best quality fabrics are used to highlight the simplicity of the garment. http://claridgeandking.com offers shoppers an opportunity to browse among the wide selection of products currently available in stocks and the newest offerings recently launched. The company sticks to what it knows best which is mixing the style of women with a little hint of masculinity. With more and more women looking for style options that are not too feminine and yet still sexy, Claridge and King continues to offer only the best and the most stylish garments for women of all ages. The company also encourages clients to drop comments and suggestions by calling their customer service line at 800-269-6514. Customers can expect that new products and designs will be launched to cater to a growing interest in simple, stylish and great quality clothing.

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Name : Laurann Claridge
Phone : 800.269.6514
Address : 15 East Greenway Plaza, Suite 19D
Houston, TX 77046